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How-to-Baby-Proof-Apartment-Balcony realestateke

How to Baby Proof Apartment Balcony

Having an apartment balcony is definitely a perk. People like to refresh, dry clothes or entertain themselves in an open area. This makes privately accessed balconies a great and natural extra space to have. But for unsupervised little ones, a…

How-to-Secure-Windows-From-Inside realestateke

How to Secure Windows From Inside

Break-ins, natural disasters that strike without warning, or baseballs that miss their target pose a constant threat to your windows and living spaces. Of course, your landlord or homeowners association can provide security themselves, but not every building has that…

First-Floor-Window-Security-Ideas realestateke

First Floor Window Security Ideas

Large windows and doors are a central feature of most homes these days. You can have them on the front or back of your house, or on an upper floor, like first-floor apartments. First, they’re aesthetically appealing and make a…