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Balcony Furniture Layout: 17 Arrangement Ideas

Whether you want to enjoy the fresh air or to spend summer evenings watching the stars, a balcony is a beautiful place to pass the time.

In fact, according to a report published by Trulia, a real estate database and online marketplace, a dream home for 60% of millennials in America is to live in a house or an apartment with a balcony with a view of the garden or a fountain.

Therefore, the balcony is not only a nice place to have a barbecue or air your clothes; it also serves as an extension of the interior and the outside space. 

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Given such demand, it is no surprise that balcony furniture design is one of the hottest trends in home décor.

The following are some furniture setup ideas to make your balcony look spectacular.

  1. Dining set with matching table and chairs
  2. Sectional sofa and an accent rug or coffee table
  3. Beach chair with extra cushion
  4. A hanging swing chair and a chaise lounge
  5. A console table with glass top and a small round coffee table
  6. Fire pit with seating arranged around it
  7. Balcony daybed with canopy
  8. Side table with umbrella and candle
  9. Coffee table with decorative lamp
  10. Small round side table with charger and jar of flowers
  11. Chairs in front of the TV
  12. Aquarium with colorful fish inside it
  13. Papasan chair with pillow and small cushion
  14. Garden balcony swing
  15. Chaise lounges and a coffee table for drinks or snacks
  16. Hammock with a hanging chair for 2 people
  17. Footboard chair

1. Dining set with matching table and chairs

To easily coordinate your balcony furniture, opt for a set.

Matching pieces create a cohesive look that is both stylish and practical.

Consider the size of your balcony when choosing what to put in it; if space is limited, opt for a set that will pack up easily (e.g., stacking chairs or a bistro set).

For perfect harmony and consistent style, choose a set that includes both a table and two chairs. 

To correspond with the breakfast nook in your kitchen, opt for a round table with an umbrella for shade; to complement your living room furniture, choose a rectangular table with a glass top and/or base.

2. Sectional sofa and an accent rug or coffee table

Owing to outdoor sectionals’ versatility, they are popular choices for balcony furniture.

They can highlight its most important features, such as the ocean view or the master bedroom’s ensuite twinkle.

You can easily change the space’s focal point if you opt for a coffee table in oval or square form to add interest.

When deciding on flooring, consider that a rug will make all of the difference if you have no carpeting on your balcony.

3. Beach chair with extra cushion

Removable cushioning on a beach chair is the perfect accent for the balcony when used for alfresco dining or outdoor seating with no back support.

Especially if it’s a wicker chair, the cushion will protect the chair and add dimension.

The extra cushion is also great for a lazy Sunday afternoon or a quick nap while enjoying the view.

You can easily move it from your main living space to your balcony with the cushion on top and housed in an attractive carrier or strapped onto the back of a chair.

You will also have one less piece to store inside. You can remove the cushion and use it as a bed for overnight guests.

4. A hanging swing chair and a chaise lounge

To inspire your summer spot, we combined two purchases into one.

The most important piece of this configuration is the swinging chair so that you can enjoy the view from another angle.

If it’s hot out, prop up your feet on the chaise for extra comfort or use it for sunbathing.

In this scheme, an umbrella is essential to keep you from burning and allow sunlight.

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On the other hand, a pillow for the swing chair would make it more inviting.

You can also use one as a headrest on the chaise lounge.

5. A console table with glass top and a small round coffee table

Why not create a more decorative layout to store your iced tea glass, sunscreen, and a selection of books?

The console table can help you do that.

Use it for displaying your favorite seashells or framed photos.

Either way, the console is practical for storing drinks and snacks.

Use a small round table for your drink or a decorative bowl to hold your keys and cell phone.

Even though there is no food preparation area on this balcony, you can still find out how to store common utensils interestingly.

6. Fire pit with seating arranged around it

Fire pits are a popular way to entertain neighbors, get-togethers, or spend time with your family.

You can bring out your outdoor furniture and enjoy the sunset with sangria.

In this configuration, you can also include a barbecue grill to prepare your food.

Another option is to set up a candle lantern and place it above the fire pit to illuminate the area.

This is a fun, romantic setting for two or a quiet moment alone.

Adding a few low-level furniture pieces to small decks or porches helps create great mini backyards.

7. Balcony daybed with canopy

In this balcony furniture setup, the daybed is placed at one end of the balcony to create a cozy setting, such as an outdoor reading nook that the master bedroom can access.

Hanging a retractable canopy over it adds a romantic touch and creates a great space for intimacy or reading a book.

The canopy is also ideal for shielding direct sun in the late afternoon or early evening.

When the breeze starts to pick up, its accordion sides unfold to protect the daybed users from a sudden gust.


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