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Balcony Toys for Toddlers: 9 Ideas & Factors to Consider

Buying the right balcony toys for toddlers will give them hours of fun. 

Playing outside stimulates their curiosity and allows them to learn many new things.

Scientific studies show that toddlers between the ages of 12 and 36 months are very inquisitive and love to explore their surroundings. 

If you want to encourage this curiosity, you should provide them with different toys that are not only safe, but also stimulate and challenge their thinking.

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There are many different types of balcony toys for toddlers, and each one offers something different. 

Some are simple balls, while others have additional parts that allow your child to develop and apply more advanced skills like imagination, counting, sequencing, and more. 

Here are a few of the most popular types:

  1. Chalkboard
  2. Indoor playhouse
  3. Sandbox
  4. Board game
  5. Water beads
  6. Play-Doh modeling compound
  7. Mini garden
  8. Paddling pool
  9. Watercolor 

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What to consider when buying toddler outdoor toys

Age level

The importance of the manufacturer’s age rating of products cannot be overstated. 

If you provide your child with toys that are not intended for him, he will certainly become overstimulated. 

It also makes no sense to give him a boring, simple toy.

If you use a ride-on or other item that is meant for older children, there is a risk that your child will get hurt or discouraged. It is important to choose a toy that is appropriate for the child’s developmental level. 

Also, parents should consider the interests of their children. 

For example, putting together a ship puzzle when he’s only 1 to 2 years old can be a real challenge. It’s only fun for your child to enjoy a must-have. 

Toys such as simple puzzles, building blocks and the like are acceptable for toddlers. 

To determine if a toy is suitable, just look at the average age listed on the product’s label.

Play type

Toddlers enjoy choosing from a variety of alternatives. 

When shopping for two or three balcony toys for the upcoming summer, look for a range of activities that will keep your children entertained. 

There is a broad spectrum of sensory toys that will stimulate your child’s different senses. 

Buy a lawn sprinkler, a play doll, and a creative toy infused into one to keep your child occupied. 

When it comes to toys for kids who want to move around, rolling clothespins, rough balls and the like may be just the ticket. 

Making objects out of clay can also help children develop their sense of touch. 

Depending on your child’s needs and personality, you can use sensory toys to develop their mental capacity, verbal, visual and muscle coordination. 

As a parent, you want to keep your child busy and help them learn new things. If you provide variety, it will keep them better occupied.


If you live in a place with widely varying weather conditions, your outdoor toys should be able to withstand both hard play and seasonal fluctuations. 

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Stay away from anything that could shatter into small pieces or tear easily. 

An excellent material choice is plastic.

With today’s kids in mind, it’s important that toys last a long time, even if you’re tempted to assume they need to be replaced and renewed regularly. 

High quality toys that children will enjoy for a long time are no exception.


As a consumer, you have a duty to make sure the toy you buy is free of potentially hazardous or flammable materials as part of keeping your home safe

Look at the toy’s label to verify that it meets the safety regulations that apply to your child’s age. 

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A child under the age of three should not be given a toy with removable parts, as it could pose a choking hazard to the child. 

His innate curiosity tempts him to put everything in their mouth that they come into contact with during infancy. 

With battery-operated toys, make sure that all parts are secured with screws so that your child cannot remove them.

Balcony toys for toddlers

1. Chalkboard

Giving in to the urge to spend time on arts and crafts is not something you should ever feel guilty about. 

Art projects not only allow you and your child to spend quality time together, but they also stimulate your child’s creative side (and maybe even your own). 

These crafts are wonderful, but you need to keep a close eye on your kids in case they destroy your freshly painted balcony walls by sneaking off with paint, scissors, or one of those bright colored pencils while you are not looking.

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Get creative with chalkboards if you are looking for an art activity that will not only keep kids busy, but also make cleanup easier. 

Kids can draw on the chalkboard as much as they want without making a lot of chaos and dirt, whether you choose a chalkboard easel, a wall-mounted chalkboard, or another option. 

Although chalk can sometimes be messy, cleaning it up is fairly easy compared to other painting marks.

When the kids are done sketching or writing, the blackboard is simply wiped clean, so you do not have to feel guilty about disposing of the paper artwork. (The kids know from the start that they can not keep their creations, so there’s no guilt here.)

2. Indoor playhouse

When it comes to having fun outdoors, on the balcony or terrace, there are many opportunities for creative play. 

In a playhouse, which is equipped with a working doorbell, stove tops and various other kitchen utensils, children can let their imagination run wild. 

Using the same space in a playhouse, children of various ages may engage in simultaneous play, even if they are not doing the same thing. 

In the long run, this is good for children’s psychosocial development.

Since the children play outside, you do not mind if they make a mess with the accessories, because after all they are outside. 

You can not go wrong with these kinds of toys because they can be used for everything from role-playing to hideaways to clubhouses and even castles for your youngster. 

All those activities where toddlers watch their caregivers, they can now do independently and in a space that suits them – the balcony.

3. Sandbox

Although not as sophisticated as other toys, sand can be one of the most enjoyable.

Playing in sandboxes or tables encourages children to spend long periods of time outdoors, which in turn helps them acquire a wide range of skills. 

Sand is an exceptional material that is unrivaled in terms of its sensory and tactile properties.

For children, sand is the ideal loose component due to their curious, energetic and innovative nature, as well as the unlimited possibilities it offers for play.

Kids can practice a wide range of skills with kinetic sand, such as fine motor skills, imaginative play, sharing, taking turns, and many others. 

An essential part of childhood is time spent outside and engaging in activities like sand play or small rocks play, which may be described as a play that involves utilizing one’s senses to learn about the world around them. 

Playing with one’s senses is essential for toddlers, whose brains are in the rapid developmental process. 

Sensory play can be of utmost significance for children with impairments because it allows them to enjoy themselves while learning about a variety of sensations and textures.

4. Board games

Especially on dreary, gloomy or wet days, playing board games together as a family is a wonderful and low-cost way to spend quality time together as a group. 

When it’s pouring outside or you’re on vacation with the family, pulling out a board game on the hotel balcony is a great way to keep your kids entertained while also giving them a break from tech devices and video games. 

Board games grew in popularity during the pandemic, and a number of notable tabletop games were developed for children between the ages of three and twelve. 

There are many board games designed for children, but they can still be fun for adults as well.

These games can include elements of strategy, complexity, challenge, and engagement, which are all things that make the best board games interesting.

Candy Land and Chutes & Ladders aren’t the only popular board games for children, but there are many others that aren’t as well known as these. 

Board games for kids aren’t all the same, and there are a number of unique options you can find in a local baby store.

5. Water beads

Although they can be played and handled safely, they shouldn’t be consumed under any circumstances. 

Children who are still putting things in their mouths should either be closely monitored or this sensory engagement should be postponed until they’re older. 

There are significant dangers to one’s health if one ingests water beads!

In the beginning, the water beads are very small and fragile. 

Put the small, dried beads in a clear container and then add lots of water to the container. 

This will allow the beads to regain their former squishy grandeur. 

They are polymers that can absorb water, and as the beads absorb more water, their size will continue to grow. 

It may take up to eight hours, give or take, for them to reach their maximum size. 

It is quite entertaining and satisfying to watch the development of the water beads and see the changes that take place.

6. Play-Doh modeling compound

Play-Doh or play dough, is a well-known and beloved hands-on pastime for kids of all ages. 

Growing up is traditionally characterized by being able to look back and remember its smell and texture. 

As we have come to know it, Play-Doh is a great sensational option for children who want to play with their hands during gametime. 

It is conveniently self-sufficient and there are an infinite number of different themes to choose from.

A child’s creative thinking can be awakened, leading to hours of unstructured and unconstrained fun.

So, it is a useful tool for fostering ingenuity and inciting open-ended play. 

However, this does more than simply make things more enjoyable for your youngster to accomplish. 

Modeling Play-Doh improves coordination skills. 

Turning a small amount of Play-Doh into a finished product will strengthen small muscles of their hands. 

As a result, learning to write will be made easier with the help of these exercises as well as enhance social skills. 

With the supple and stretchy material at their disposal, young aspiring sculptors can create anything from plants and animals to strange and outrageous inventions.

7. Mini garden

In addition to educating children about nature and responsibility, these mini living gardens also serve as a fun toy since they are more interactive than a typical playset and provide a better sense of accomplishment. 

Each kit comes with a unique assortment of plant seeds (which germinate easily and do not need much maintenance) and a generous amount of soil to cultivate those seeds in. 

After they’ve been planted, all the plants require is regular watering to keep them healthy. 

Creative play may take place as children wait for the plants in their miniature garden to mature. 

An idyllic, fairy garden with magical, enchanting fairies and woodland creatures will emerge after the plants have grown to their maximum potential. 

Every kit comes with a set of instructions and an activity guide to help children get the most out of their gardens and ensure that they thrive.

8. Paddling pool

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Prepare your child for a fun time in the pool ahead of time, whether the weather is getting warmer or you’re going on vacation. 

Keeping everyone comfortable on the balcony is as simple as assembling an inflatable paddling pool. 

When it’s hot outside, toddlers may cool down and have a good time. 

These swimming pools are large enough to fit all of your children and can be set up in a short period of time. 

Parents are able to keep an eye on their children as they play in the water thanks to the inflatable kiddie pools that are available. 

Also available are a variety of wading pool toys for the children to play with while they are in the water. 

Your children’s time spent playing in the water will be more enjoyable if you provide them with these gadgets and accessories.

9. Watercolor

With the easy-grip brushes, paints, and the activity book included in the watercolor set, you can help your budding artists explore color and fine motor skills as they create their own little masterpiece.

By providing your children with these materials, they can produce wonderful miniature creatures and objects with incredible creativity.

The fact that children can have educational experiences while participating in an activity like this is one of the many wonderful aspects of art projects.

Your youngster will be encouraged to explore the creative process by painting their own bug or bird features if they participate in this animal activity. 

After each child adds their own uniquely blended hues to the various components, they will assemble a magical work of art. 

Make a holiday display decoration with these artworks or use them to send greeting cards to your relatives.

Take control of your balcony toys with a toy rack

It’s time to take back control of your living room if it looks like a toy-filled quagmire. 

Parents whose house is crammed with toys like dolls and dinosaurs may be tempted to throw in the towel and embrace the fact that they’ll be sorting through mountains of clutter for the next half decade or so. 

To save their sanity, some parents consign themselves to a life of always cleaning up after their children, even if it means hiding their toys. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself at the end of the day if you can’t get the balcony back in shape. 

Eliminating visual clutter is doable, despite the fact that not everyone has the energy, time, inclination, or disposition to perfectly arrange and put everything in order. 

To provide your family with a peaceful atmosphere at home, you should invest in some baskets, laundry hampers, or clear bins where you can put all the toys on a daily basis.

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