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Can You Flip an Adjustable Mattress? Yes, Here’s How

Wondering what you can do with an old and worn out mattress?

We know the feeling.

There comes a time when your mattress has passed its prime, or you’ve done all that you can to bring back its glory days.

If this describes you, then we have some good news for you!

What would it take to flip an adjustable mattress? You can flip an adjustable mattress and bring it back from the brink of uselessness

This guide will show you how to prepare your adjustable mattress for the flip, and then what to do after you’ve flipped it.

In no time at all you’ll have an old mattress that looks like new and feels like it too!

Buckle up and let’s dive into this idea.

What is an adjustable mattress?

An adjustable bed mattress is one that has been designed to allow the bed to be lifted up or lowered, depending on your height or weight.  

Their function and specifics vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer, but can typically be adjusted to three or four predefined positions.

For example, on some adjustable mattresses you can lower the head and foot of the bed to a 30 degree angle, while other adjustable beds allow for 15 and 45 degree increments.

The mattress may stay at these settings until manually adjusted again, while others may automatically return to their original position after several hours.

At first glance, adjustable beds may seem like a luxury reserved for the rich and famous. But after you have one installed in your home, you’ll be surprised to see how it can suit almost every member of your household.

Adjustable beds make it easier to sit upright in bed while reading or watching TV.

They also allow you to get into and out of bed easier thanks to the lower foot end. And who can forget about their ability to raise the top of the mattress so that you can sit up in bed and read without having to prop yourself up with pillows!

Adjustable beds can be a real life-changing experience.

There’s no denying that adjustable beds are convenient and make everyday life easier.

But what happens when it’s time to replace your adjustable mattress?

If you’re wondering what you can do with your old adjustable bed, keep reading!

Can you flip an adjustable mattress?

Sagging, drooping mattresses are a sign of an outdated bed that can’t be salvaged no matter what you do.

Instead of trashing it or settling for something sub-par, why not give it another chance?

Flipping an adjustable mattress is a great way to extend its life.

If you have the energy and time, you can easily flip your mattress to make it feel more like new again.

It’s worth the effort!

It is no different from flipping a regular mattress or box spring.

But before we go any further, let’s talk about how to safely flip your mattress and what you can expect.

1. Prepare your mattress

Flipping your mattress is not a stay-in-bed event. 

You’ll need to be able to move the mattress around.

So, it’s important to get a head start and go ahead and remove any excess clutter from the bed.

Don’t forget your sheets! Go ahead and put them in the wash if you want (we’ll talk more about this later).

Strip down to the mattress itself, unless you plan on leaving it as is.

2. Get your mattress flipped

Most of the time, you’ll be turning the mattress over.

This works best with a mattress that has been lying on one side for some time.

The idea is to get the mattress flipped back onto the other side that has been under all this time.

If you can’t flip it over, you can always rotate the mattress. 

3. Clean up

Now that the mattress has been flipped, you can either put it right back on top of your bed frame.

Or, if it has been lying on the floor for some time, you can take this opportunity to wash your sheets.

Once again, put them back on your bed, and you should have an experience similar to the one you had years ago.

4. Get into bed But wait! It’s not over yet!

Your mattress is new again, but so are you!

Now that your mattress has a chance to be on the receiving end of your body weight, things could be a little different.

Go ahead and give your mattress a few days to settle in, then feel free to make any adjustments you think are necessary.

Will it be comfortable?

This depends on how worn out your mattress has become and what you intend on upgrading to.

If you are just replacing an old mattress with a newer, more comfortable one or intend on using the mattress for guests who don’t sleep on it every night, then yes!

A flipped adjustable mattress certainly will be comfortable enough.

But if you’re trying to replace your old mattress with an even newer mattress before it has a chance to even out, then chances are it may not be very comfortable at all.

If this happens, don’t worry too much – just give the flipped adjustable mattress some time to settle in.

What’s more, if you’ve ever felt that your mattress was too firm or too soft, then flipping it can make it feel like a new bed.

No matter what kind of adjustments you want to make once the mattress is flipped, you are welcome to do so.

But be careful! You should only change one factor at a time so you can always gauge the effects.

How often to flip adjustable mattress

The answer to this question depends on how long you have been using the particular adjustable mattress and how extensive your flipping schedule has been.

If your mattress is still in good condition, then there’s really no need in flipping it more than once or twice a year.

But if its state is deteriorating, then you will probably need to flip it more often.

How do you tell whether or not your mattress needs a flip?

You can look out for sagging and indentations on the surface of the mattress. 

Will I kill any dust mites by flipping my adjustable mattress?

Dust mites are all around us (even in the air we breathe).

They come home to roost and party at night – sleeping alongside you and your family.

Now remember that mattress encasement we told you about earlier? This is where it really comes in handy.

You see, a flipped mattress has the potential to displace these nasty little creatures and their eggs.

What’s more, you can take this opportunity to wash your sheets.  

You now have a clean slate for making adjustments! 

Remember how we said earlier that flipping an adjustable mattress is best done in response to sagging and indentations? 

Well, if you wanted to tweak the firmness of your mattress and you weren’t able to do so when it was still on top of your adjustable bed frame, then now is the time!

Just be aware that one adjustment factor may affect the others.

If you are thinking about adjusting the sleeping surface or spring base separately from one another, just keep in mind that you may further complicate the effects on your mattress.

If you feel like there’s a possibility of this, then it might be best just to leave those adjustments out.

What’s the best time to flip an adjustable air mattress?

Sleeping on a mattress is just as important as owning one.

You might be tempted to flip your adjustable air mattress every single day, but this will do more bad than good.

A flipped mattress only needs so much attention before it gets too old and begins to deteriorate anyway.

So if you think you can handle it, then feel free to flip your mattress every few months.

In fact, everyday flipping is actually a pretty popular practice among many adjustable bed owners who are mattress enthusiasts and live in warm climates.

They do this because they believe that a flipped mattress tends to sleep cooler than one that has been lying flat all day.

But we’re sure you don’t want to do this because you should have better things to worry about.

So instead of flipping it everyday, flip your mattress once every three months.

But if you feel like that might be too much for you to handle, then it’s recommended flipping once in six months for total bed health.

How to care for flipped adjustable foam mattress

Kinda sounds like a mouthful, doesn’t it?

But don’t worry. It’s not that complicated!

Now that you have read through our guide on how to properly flip an adjustable mattress, here are some of the things you can do to ensure the bed stays this way:

  • Flip your mattress in accordance with its condition: Flip the mattress when you feel like it’s needed.  But don’t flip it when the surface is starting to look fine! This should go without saying, but if you think your mattress needs a wash or a dry clean, do so first before flipping!
  • A firm sleeping surface is good for back pain: If you are living with chronic back pain, flipping your adjustable mattress might be an option for you. The firm sleeping surface helps relieve pressure points around the spine more than a mattress that is too soft.
  • Don’t forget to care for your adjustable bed springs and base: You will need to clean both of these whenever you flip your adjustable mattress! This will keep everything running smoothly and keep everything else clean.
  • Keep your mattress encasement in top shape: This will help to make sure that the surface of your mattress is kept safe from all the dust, dirt, and pests!
  • Use a mattress protector: Just like with your adjustable bed springs and base, this will help to protect against dust, moisture and dirt. A mattress protector will also help to increase the lifespan of your mattress!


Lying on a mattress for several hours is going to cause the coils to sag and lose firmness.

To find out if an adjustable bed frame will be able to replace your traditional box spring, you must place it next to the same type of mattress that you are currently using.

See how well the adjustable bed frame supports the mattress without sagging after several hours of sleeping or body weight applied and compare it to a traditional box spring.

If you do not discover any noticeable variations in how well the frame supports you and the mattress then you can continue breathing easy knowing that your adjustable bed frame will save you money on replacing mattresses more frequently, plus eliminating one more trip to the store for purchasing an additional product.

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