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Can You Have a Kitchen Next to a Bedroom? What to Consider

In the past, the thought of having all your cooking operations and activities right next to your bedroom would have been shocking. However, with the increasing demand for multi-functional spaces, this is now a common request from homeowners.

But can a kitchen be next to a bedroom?

Although having a kitchen in close proximity to the bedroom may not be ideal, it is possible. In fact, if you have a small home, or live alone and cook for yourself only on an occasional basis, it could be the ideal setup.

The main issue with this setup will come down to fire safety, humidity and noise pollution levels.

A busy kitchen, even on a small scale, can produce a lot of heat and moisture. If you have your bedroom right next to it, then the humidity levels are going to be at their highest in this room.

The same is also true for noise pollution.

That said, in this article, we will explore whether it is a good idea to have your kitchen next to your bedroom and some of the important kitchen layout considerations to make.

Can you have a kitchen next to a bedroom?

In a home, you will have several rooms such as kitchens, bedrooms. You may wonder can you have a kitchen next to a bedroom?

This is the question of many people that are planning to build their homes or renovate them.

If you’re wondering about installing a door between the kitchen and the bedroom, this blog post has some useful information for you.

However, there are basic rules and regulations about the issue of building bedrooms and kitchens.

The purpose for these restrictions is safety.

There are several things that you have to consider when you want to put your kitchen next to a bedroom. It is vital for the health and safety of the people that live in the house, especially if there are children or elderly people living in it.

The biggest danger found in such situations is fire and moisture damage.

Here is why:


Fire is one of the biggest dangers when you have a kitchen next to a bedroom. 

Based on a report by the U.S. Fire Administration, an estimated 172,900 home fires a year are caused by cooking.

can you have a kitchen next to a bedroom cooking fires realestateke
Image credit: National Fire Protection Association

If there is fire in the kitchen, then every part of the house becomes susceptible to fire. 

At night, it can spread very fast due to the lack of airflow and if you are sleeping or resting in your room at that moment, then there is a huge risk for you.

If there is fire in the kitchen, then by law you are responsible for paying all the costs of property damage repairs.


Moisture damage to hardwood floors is another possible danger that can occur when there is a kitchen next to a bedroom. 

Having wet wood near your bed and even under it can cause major problems with mold and mildew.

Not only is this harmful to your health but it can also devalue the property that you are living in.

How much noise is too much?

If you are planning on getting a building constructed, the first thing that you have to think about is how much noise would be too much noise in each room.

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You might want to get that kitchen where there is no bedroom immediately next door because if you are thinking of inviting some friends over for something to eat and drink, then it could potentially make the guests you invited get the wrong idea.

You can be sure that at such a time, they would not only hear whatever is going on in your kitchen, but also feel like staying there because of the tempting aroma that would be coming from it.

Likewise, a sleeping toddler in the room next to the kitchen could have a nightmare caused by the sounds of chopping and boiling that would be coming from it.

You could also think about setting up a soundproof room within your house where you would take an elderly relative to stay because it might be hard to get their sleep interrupted every time someone in the kitchen starts cooking or serving food out there.

A few ways to soundproof a room include:

  1. Use acoustic tiles inside the room to eliminate sounds from entering or leaving it.
  1. Noise and the speed of sound are both dependent on humidity. Keep the room well-ventilated with air filters because sound moves faster in humid air.
  1. If you are planning on introducing carpet, get one that is thick enough to absorb vibrations so as not to interfere with your relative’s sleep.
  1. Always make sure that all the windows and doors of your room are well insulated so that they do not allow sound from any other part of the building to come in.

These measures might cost you a little extra, but are more than worth it since there are some people whose sanity could be ruined by excessive noise!

Consider the appeal of the layout

When you are going to redesign your kitchen, there is surely one thing that will cross your mind: placing the kitchen next to the bedroom. Indeed, it could be more convenient for you when both of them share the same corner or at least have no wall between. 

But keep in mind that you have to consider the appeal of this kitchen layout.

But firstly, why do we want to place the kitchen next to our bedroom? 

It can be for several reasons. 

First of all, people like setting up their kitchen as near as possible to the room they usually spend most time in a day such as their bedroom. People love convenience, don’t they? 

Secondly, some people want to be near the kitchen in case their family needs a quick meal.

What makes you decide that this will work for your home?

Because of this question, I decided to discuss why we should consider the appeal of the kitchen layout before we think about having a bedroom next to it.

Strengthen the appeal of your home

Of course, you can have whatever furniture placements that you want for your house but not everything goes together nicely with everything. 

One important factor is the way leading to the kitchen from your bedroom. If you can, make sure that it is wide enough for people to walk through easily. This way, no one will bump into anything or anyone when they are on the go.

The same thing goes with fun activities in the kitchen.

Some people love spending their time in front of the television while cooking and others like to read a book while eating dinner. Whatever it is that you like to do, of course you want your bedroom to be as convenient as possible.

But the point here is, if you place your bedroom too close to other rooms such as the kitchen or living room, then there might not be enough space for activities even though they are nearby each other.

It is always better to make a dining room next to the dining space and lounge near a living room so that you can have a more open plan. Thus combining dining, cooking and dining together will give greater appeal to your home design.

Moreover, having these two rooms (kitchen and bedroom) sharing one wall between them will create some noise from time to time. 

These kinds of noises can be from cooking, eating and other activities that you do in the kitchen. If you place your bed or couch near enough to this room, it could mean trouble when you are trying to sleep.

If you want to strengthen the appeal of your home, try placing these two rooms far away from each other. This way, you can make your kitchen as bright as possible and have a nice view of something pretty to look at from your bed or couch.

Functionality of the kitchen

Before deciding to create a kitchen with the bedroom near it, think twice if it is actually practical. That’s why choosing a layout that is suitable for you is important.

Mmm..I think I’m starting to get bored of those glossy tiles and white walls. Aren’t you?

While some people like sleek designs, there are still a lot who prefer something colorful that can spice up their home’s look. 

But the thing is, placing your kitchen near the bedroom can make it hard for you to find a nice color for the kitchen cabinets and other furniture.

In addition to that, not everyone likes cooking at night or early in the morning when it is still dark out there. 

This means you might need more light inside your room as well as in the kitchen just so you can cook easily. With this kind of layout, I assume that your utility bills can go up higher than usual.

Therefore, you should consider the right kitchen layout that can serve its function well as well as it is in line with your desire.

How will you keep dirty stuff away?

Another thing that you need to consider when placing a bedroom next to a kitchen is how it would be beneficial for yourself. 

There are surely some times when you have to prepare your meals and may be cooking something that can produce dirty stuff. 

If it happens, then how are you going to keep the bedroom clean?

As we previously said, people usually place their kitchen near their bedroom for convenience reasons. This could include that there is no need of walking far from your bedroom if you want a quick meal. 

However, the fact is that some cooking activities produce dirty stuff that you will need to clean up later.

When you place your kitchen near your bedroom, it would be inconvenient if you are already in bed and have to move a lot just because of that muddy stuff or grease from the kitchen. 

Then what are you supposed to do?

Actually, there are many ways to solve this problem without having a messy bedroom. 

You can place your kitchen far away from the room that you spend most of your time in a day or bring some cleaning equipment easily so you can keep it clean immediately after cooking something.

Does this sound like convenience?

Other things to consider when placing them together

When deciding about having these two rooms together, you have to be aware of the fact that some people might not like it. These can be other family members who also spend their time in your house or even guests.

If you decide to place these two rooms together, make sure that this will work out for them as well. 

This is because there are some things that should not be watched or listened to accidentally. 

If it happens, then you might cause unpleasant feelings to them.

If possible, try placing these two rooms apart from each other just in case someone may have an unexpected visit and you do not want that person to hear the sounds from your kitchen or watch what is happening inside there. 

This way, you can avoid creating awkward situations and keep everything flowing smoothly.

Wrapping it up

If you are still unaware about finding the right kitchen setup for your home, I suggest that you start listening to other people’s opinions or looking at different kinds of layouts and designs in magazines first. 

This way, you can have a wide knowledge about them and be able to choose the best one.

Thus, choosing a layout for your house is not something to be taken for granted. 

There is more than one thing that you can think of before making a final decision on it.

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