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Can You Put Two Mattresses on a Platform Bed? Yes, Benefits

When people are buying a new mattress, they often have trouble choosing between a platform bed and something else.

They want to be able to do whatever they like with their bedroom, but it is important to keep in mind that the mattress will likely not fit on some types of beds.

One question that comes up a lot when considering this topic is whether or not two mattresses will fit on a platform bed.

While some platform beds are designed to hold a single mattress, others can accommodate two mattresses at once. As long as both mattresses are the same size, there will not be a problem with this.

If you want a platform bed that will hold two mattresses, you should look at the dimensions of it and choose your mattress accordingly.

In some cases, it is possible to put two twin-sized mattresses on a full size platform bed.

Hovering over a bed to examine the bottom of the frame can help you determine if it will be possible or not.

More coming up in this blog post, including what a platform bed is.

What is a platform bed?

A platform bed, also called a low bed, has no legs or any other type of support holding it up off the ground.

Instead, these beds are supported by slats that go across under the whole thing so that someone can put their mattress directly on top of them.

Foam and spring mattresses both fit on top of platform beds just fine, although a foam mattress may be more comfortable because of height and springs can stick out a little bit.

However, it is important to keep in mind that many people prefer mattresses with frames and legs instead of ones that sit directly on the ground.

If you dislike the idea of putting your mattress on top of slats, you may want to opt for something else entirely.

Can you put two mattresses on a platform bed?

As long as the beds are reasonably close in size, two mattresses will be able to fit on a platform bed.

Larger platform beds may be able to hold a mattress of an even greater size, depending on the design.

But in some situations, two mattresses will definitely work.

This can be done by laying one mattress directly over the frame of the bed and then putting another mattress on top of that one.

In this situation, you should make sure that both mattresses are the same size.

Otherwise, this arrangement will not work very well.  It is possible that the top mattress will slide off during use due to the differing styles and sizes of mattresses.

If one of the mattresses does not work on a platform bed, it may be best to put it under the frame and then the second one over the bed.

Benefits of putting two mattresses on top of each other

Jumping on a bed with two mattresses is something that most children do.

It is certainly possible for adults to jump on a bed with two mattresses; however, most kids will have more fun doing this than an adult.

Kicking the mattresses while jumping may not be a good idea because it is possible that they will break.

But this premise can help to startle children in the morning or during naps.  

Another benefit to two mattresses on top of each other is that it provides more support for your body.  

If you are an adult who is sleeping on a mattress that has broken down, you may find that you get more support from a mattress with another one placed over it.

This can help to reduce pain and keep your spine in alignment when you are sleeping.  

Adults sometimes put two mattresses over each other because they have pet dogs or cats.  

Not only can they jump and play on the mattress, but when their claws get caught in the bedding, you will be able to pull them out more easily than if there was only one layer.

This arrangement also allows your pets to climb onto the bed easier because of increased traction and protection for the lower mattress.  

Can I put an air mattress on top of a platform bed?

Waiting for the delivery of a new mattress can be tricky, especially if you have nowhere to sleep while you wait.  

This is where air mattresses come in handy.  

Air mattresses are great temporary beds that allow your guests or visitors to sleep comfortably until their new bed arrives.

Some people may wonder if it’s possible for an air mattress to be placed on top of a platform bed rather than beneath it.

This is unfortunately not possible, because air mattresses are not designed to fit on the frame of a bed.

They don’t have a solid base and are too soft to be used directly on top of a bed frame.  

Slats for a platform bed

Uneven support, shifting mattresses, and noise are a few of the issues that may arise if you don’t use slats for a platform bed.

If your bed does not have slats or any sort of other kind of support underneath the mattress, then there will be nothing to regulate the position of the mattress on top of it.

This means that your bed will be totally reliant on the box spring or frame for support.

If you have a heavy mattress, then this may not work well.  

The weight of the mattress could cause major stress on the structure of your platform bed and it may break under the pressure.  

Even if it does not break, there will probably be shifting and unevenness in the mattress that you sleep on.

This issue may or may not occur with a lighter mattress, but it is still possible.  

In addition, if your bed does not have slats or any other kind of support under the box spring or frame of your bed, then it is going to make a lot of noise when you get into and out of bed.

You will notice this particularly if the platform is low to the ground.  

If this goes on for too long, it could damage the flooring in your bedroom.

Can you use box springs with a platform bed?

Easier to set up and transport, platform beds are extremely popular.

Still, some people don’t like the idea of them because they think that box springs aren’t necessary with this particular bed style especially if you’re not looking to increase the height.

But is this really true?

No, you absolutely do need to have a box spring for your platform bed. Not only does it provide vital support for your mattress, but it also has a lot of other benefits.

In fact, some people actually prefer to use box springs with this type of bed rather than just a frame.

One significant advantage that you get by using box springs is increased stability in placing mattresses on the bed.  

With just the frame, there is reason to worry that a mattress will slide out from under you.

But with box springs, your mattress will stay in place.

Another benefit is that this arrangement allows both people to choose their own comfort level by adjusting the height and firmness of the mattress separately so it better suits each person.


Yes, you can use two mattresses on a platform bed.

It is important to make sure that they are both the same size, so as to give even support under your body while you sleep.

This allows people who prefer a firm mattress or those with back problems to have their preferences accommodated.

The added height from the platform bed means that you will have more support than with a regular mattress, as your weight is distributed across the surface of both mattresses.

The increased strength of the platform bed frame also helps to make sure no one will be injured by an unstable position.

It’s a great solution for anyone who likes to vary between firmer and softer mattresses, or for those with back problems.

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