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Dead Mouse Under Fridge: 2 Answers (Explained)

Behind your refrigerator, the kitchen walls, and most probably a few cupboards, are corridors for mice to live in. 

These small creatures can be tricky to eliminate and may even take you by surprise.

They might not be the most common thing for a family to find, but it is important that this issue is addressed quickly. 

How do you get rid of a dead mouse from underneath the refrigerator? Removing a dead mouse from under your fridge can be done by sucking it up with a vacuum, cleaning off the droppings, putting some essential oils in the area, and disposing of the mouse in a trash bag.

Can mice live under the fridge?

Warm-blooded animals need to maintain a certain temperature range in order to survive, and rodents are no exception. 

Since refrigerators generate heat, rodents are likely to be attracted to the warmth of the machine.

As highly adaptive creatures, safe and secure hideaways near the warm source are an added bonus, as well. 

Mice and rats will burrow into the undercarriage of a refrigerator to establish a nesting site.

How to remove a dead mouse from under the fridge

Dead mice are typically not very difficult to locate. 

They are relatively small, furry, and leave a distinct odor. In addition, the sight of a dead mouse (or two) is an effective repellent to other rodents – an excellent means of eliminating any existing problems. 

However, the undercarriage of a refrigerator is a very tight space. 

To inspect and remove a dead mouse, you will need to remove the refrigerator, or at least the rear panel.

  • take the fridge out of the way
  • suck it up with a vacuum cleaner
  • clean all the mouse droppings or feces away with a disinfectant
  • put some strong scented essential oil, peppermint oil, cayenne pepper in there
  • remove any food from the area
  • dispose of the mouse in trash bag


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