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8 Design Ideas For Balcony Roof Overhang (With Pictures)

Reinventing balconies for the modern world by giving them more design options like a balcony roof overhang is becoming very important.

A rooftop overhang can make balconies look more stylish and give them more options in terms of designs and material. The other option is to keep it simple and limit them to just being a space for sitting and relaxing.

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If you are planning to have a balcony on your house or apartment then a rooftop overhang will be ideal for that. The most common designs for a balcony overhang include:

  • gable
  • one-way sloping roof
  • hipped roof
  • flat balcony roof
  • balcony pergola
  • balcony gazebo
  • retractable awnings
  • rain gutters, solar panels, water heater

Sourcing for design ideas is mind-boggling and sometimes overwhelming.

There are so many diverse designers and their varying approaches, styles, and techniques that it can be difficult to know what to focus on or, more importantly, where you should invest your time.

Therefore, this article is designed to be a simple, straight-to-the-point approach to help you find the most creative and well-designed models for your rooftop overhang.

Protect your balcony with a gable

balcony with gable roof on residential building realestateke

Gable roofs are popular because they’re strong, durable, and attractive. They’re also very versatile. Gables can be used to cover balconies, porches, patios, and decks.

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They can also be combined with dormers, bay windows, and other roof features to create unique designs.

In areas which receive rain and snow, gables provide protection from the elements. In addition, they often add character and value to homes by increasing curb appeal.

Gables are typically made of wood, stone, brick, stucco, or concrete.

But gable roof overhangs aren’t just for homes. Gables are also used on commercial buildings, including apartment complexes, hotels, and office buildings.

And because gables are often found on balconies, they’re a popular feature on condo rooftops.

Create a shed-style downward sloping roof

balcony shed style roof realestateke

If you’re building a balcony roof overhang, you need to create a minimalist design that doesn’t overwhelm your home. The roof should be simple, clean, and unobtrusive.

To create this shed -like effect, you need to install a one-way sloping balcony roof overhang. The roof should be angled slightly downward, creating a gentle slope that adds height to the front of your home.

A one-way downward slope roof overhang allows rainwater to run off the balcony without pooling into the house below. 

It adds both visual interest and privacy while still allowing natural light into your home.

To achieve this, use a single color palette, keep the roof shape simple, and avoid adding too many details.

This design works well for homes with large windows, because it creates a visual illusion of space.

Roof overhang all around with hipped roof

hip balcony roof realestateke

Another option is to build a hipped roof overhang.

Hipped roofs are common in colder regions, and they offer homeowners a stylish alternative to traditional balconies.

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The hipped roof design is becoming increasingly popular these days, especially among homeowners who enjoy having extra space above their balconies.

These roofs provide additional living space while still allowing plenty of natural light to enter the home.

It consists of three sloped sections that meet at a point called the apex.

The main section slopes down towards the front of the house, while the side sections slope outward towards the edge of the balcony, all around.

Flat balcony roof is an excellent choice

Sometimes it is necessary to come up with solutions for a balcony where the roof is not sloped and/or there is nothing over the roof.

A flat roof is the most basic form of a balcony canopy design.

Balconies with flat roofs have no complicated corners, difficult angles, or sharp protrusions.

This type of design not only give your home an unobstructed view but also keeps the structure itself strong and sturdy without any weak points. The roof is supported by columns, which make it easier to build with.

A flat roof can be built as large as you want and can accommodate any sort of furniture or seating arrangement.

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You can utilize the area above or on top of the balcony to accommodate gardening or recreational activities.

This is also popular among seaside resorts and holiday homes where the owners don’t want to block the view from the sea. 

Rooftop swimming pool, terrace garden, bohemian ambiance or even a barbecue space can be built to transform the area above balcony into a unique, versatile and functional extension of your outdoor living space.

A flat roof can be made from different types of materials. However, concrete is one of the most common because it is durable, fire-resistant and highly adaptable.

Build a balcony pergola

Gardening is no longer confined to the ground, as creative and daring homeowners are building balconies that extend over their homes.

But how do you ensure your balcony doesn’t obstruct your view of the sky? If you’re not satisfied with that, how about a pergola?

An attractive and versatile structure, a pergola can provide an attractive frame and support trellises, climbing vines, hanging plants or decorative lamps.

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With so many different varieties of pergolas (open-top, vinyl, fiberglass, steel, sail) available to suit almost any taste or budget, it’s no surprise that a wide range of uses are found for these structures.

Fitting over a garden wall for example, or providing a place for outdoor furniture and an attractive backdrop, the options are almost limitless.

A selection of pergolas can be used to frame and decorate your balcony.

These range from simple structures made from wood and wire to more luxurious designs that include flagstone flooring, stone walls and glass-walled spaces.

Sited over your balcony, or in a courtyard or communal garden, they can provide much-needed shade, while looking good and accommodating a range of plants or other decorative objects.

Balcony gazebo for sun protection

Rounding off your balcony can mean the potential for a sense of seclusion and easier maintenance.

Designed primarily to provide some privacy while ensuring plenty of light and views, gazebos can also be designed in a range of styles and materials to suit your requirements.

Material and design options are highly varied, from timber-framed gazebos to metal-framed structures that could be mistaken for shelters from a war zone.

Some will have a roof, some will not. Some are freestanding, others are wall mounted or attached to the balcony structure.

They can be as freestanding as you like, but most will require some kind of support.

A classic-looking structure with a pitched roof can act as an attractive feature for your patio or balcony.

A gazebo over your balcony can provide shade for summer months, or protection from inclement weather in the winter months. It can offer you a secluded retreat when you need some peace and quiet, or a comfortable place to sit and read with a view.

A glass wall cover, wooden slats, aluminum and louvred panels, a gazebo can assume many different appearances.

Even fabric or canvas gazebo can be used to give you some privacy while still allowing you a sense of openness and light.

Install retractable awnings

Easily retrofitted, retractable awnings are a great way to provide shade when the sun is too hot or your solar shades are not providing sufficient protection.

Retractable awnings can be installed to cover your balcony and extend over it, both when you want some shade, and in winter when you need protection against cold winds and snow.

Extra-large retractable awnings can be used to cover the entire balcony area or a smaller portion, and can be installed over your home’s exterior wall or rail at the end of your balcony to provide a sheltered place for outdoor furniture and sitting.

Motorized versions make it an easy task to lower the awnings handsfree for sunbathing, or allow them to extend for full protection, while the hand-operated models provide the additional luxury of being able to control the shading to your desired level.

They’re particularly useful in winter when winds can cause your patio furniture to fly around and damage itself.

A large retractable awning can also become an outdoor room, with its own bench seating, table and chairs, or you could use it as a sunroom by adding solar shades that keep out direct sunlight.

Install rain gutters, solar panels, water heater

Climatic conditions can greatly influence the design, function and durability of your home.

Weather conditions can also have a huge influence on the design process.

While you can’t always prevent the weather from affecting your home’s design needs, you can ensure that it doesn’t affect your personal needs to a negative extent.

For example, installing rain gutters and solar panels on the balcony can ensure that they can collect moisture and solar energy, while also providing additional storage space for rainwater.

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Not only will this improve the efficiency of your water heating system, but it will also be environmentally friendly by reducing water wastage.

It will also be beneficial for your water heating system by reducing your energy consumption costs.

Installing a water heater on the balcony is also a good idea, especially if you have a large household.

Use balcony roof overhang to its fullest potential!

Your balcony may be small, but it’s worth investing in a few extra features to make sure that you get the most out of it.

If you’ve got a limited budget then you might consider getting a retractable awning, which provides more than just shade – it also protects your furniture and gives your accommodation some added privacy.

But if money’s no object, then why not splash out on a completely different kind of outdoor space – like a gable, hipped roof overhang, solar-powered heater, bay window, or one of the many other balcony designs we’ve listed above?

So whether you have a small balcony or a big one, we hope our guide to the best balcony roof designs has given you the inspiration to make your space come alive and become something a little bit special.

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