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Do Adjustable Beds Come Apart or Assembled?

An adjustable bed is a great thing to have for anyone who likes sleeping in their own, comfortable environment and enjoys the idea of having an easy-to-use, ergonomic mattress.

Do adjustable bed frames come assembled? When you buy an adjustable bed, it will come mostly assembled. The parts that are not considered to be “core” attachments will need to be attached such as the legs and retainer bars.

Considering that the best adjustable beds use a frame that adjusts to its user’s body, it is of little surprise that many people choose adjustable bed frames over fixed-frame options!

This is because the adjustable bed can be turned into a flat bed quickly and easily, or can be raised up to make using an electric blanket, for example, much more comfortable.

Read on to find out if you’ll require assembling your adjustable bed and tips for storage.

Do adjustable beds come apart?

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons why people choose adjustable beds over other types is that they are easy and quick to adjust! 

Adjustable beds are used not only to provide added comfort and support to the person using it, but also as a tool for improving sleep quality.

Many people who are suffering from different types of back pain opt to use adjustable beds because they help relieve stress on the back. 

And when you’re in a state that’s free of pain, you’re bound to get better sleep! 

When talking about health, there can be nothing more important than good rest.

So, make sure that you choose an adjustable bed that will give you all these benefits and more! 

But do adjustable beds come apart? Absolutely!

The majority of your adjustable base will arrive already prepared for assembly.

Assembly demands are limited to attaching the legs, and other small attachments if necessary, such as retainer bars.

Adjustable beds come with several parts — some of them move while others don’t such as head rests, bolsters or pillows. 

This makes it necessary for customers to have an idea on how to properly assemble the bed.

One of the most important things you need to know when taking out your adjustable bed from its box is how it should be assembled. 

You also need to read the user’s manual provided by the manufacturer and follow all instructions carefully as they are essential in helping your adjustable/electric bed function properly. 

Items that must be included in your purchase are all tools required for assembly and disassembly, all fittings, screws with anchors, bolts or nuts.

The instruction guide usually contains some warnings and safety tips regarding proper use and maintenance of your adjustable bed.

So make sure not to miss them!

How to store an adjustable bed

So you want to store an adjustable bed? Great!

This is actually something that’s not difficult at all. 

The tricky part lies in storing it properly and safely so you don’t damage your adjustable bed or injure yourself while doing so. 

Remember, these beds are designed to be used in a certain way and if they get out of position, some parts and accessories might malfunction. 

So here are a few things you need to do and keep in mind when storing your adjustable bed:

  1. Keep away any standard or rolling mattresses that are used with your adjustable bed so they won’t get bunched up while being stored. In fact, some mattresses come equipped with special straps and to store them properly, refer to your mattress’ instruction manual. Remember that if one portion of it is rolled up too tightly , it may affect another section! An improperly positioned adjustable bed can cause muscle aches which will definitely ruin your day ahead !
  1. Place all accessories like pillows aside as well . This way they won’t get wrinkled or crushed! You can also wrap them in plastic to protect them from dust.
  1. Make sure all screws, bolts and nuts are properly secured before you store your adjustable bed. Remember that if some of the parts come loose, they may cause accidents especially if someone is around! Other than that, there’s no need for you to worry about storing it away, just make sure that everything is placed inside a clean , dry space and locked up tight with the key or lock provided by the manufacturer. If your adjustable bed has an alarm system built in, make sure it is armed otherwise anyone could roll over on top of it while exploring your house and set off the alarm !
  1. Remove any debris found around or inside the base of the adjustable bed . They may clog the moving parts and cause your bed to malfunction .
  1. Take out the adjustable beds headboard if it’s a rolling style. Just be careful not to scratch the walls or doors as you do this! Make sure that its brackets are locked down properly so it won’t roll away from where you want it to go .
  1. Always store your adjustable bed in a cool, dry place that has ample space and is easy to reach. Storing it in a place that is too warm may damage your bed while storing it in an area with limited space or one which is inconveniently located will definitely make it hard for you to use it when you need to!
  1. Remove any special padding found around the base of your adjustable bed. Having this removed means less indentation on the walls or doors where they are stored should you choose to do so. You can clean them up like normal if you want but keep in mind they might be destroyed during your cleaning process. 
  1. Lastly, remember that these beds aren’t designed for permanent storage unless specified by those who manufactured them. If you’re not using it for a long period of time , make sure to take it out, give it a proper cleaning and maybe even have someone inspect it just to be on the safe side .

The drawbacks of an adjustable bed

Not all faults are listed and should be seen as a list to get you going, not all inclusive. 

That being said it is wise to check the list of manufacturer’s warranties in detail before buying an adjustable bed, since the manufacturers often disclaim liability for faulty design, especially if you’re one of their “test cases” who bought one early on when they were still perfecting the product.

The drawbacks of an adjustable bed include: 

  1. Costly. Adjustable beds are an expensive proposition.
  1. Noisy. The motors and other moving parts in these devices make them noisier than a regular bed, especially when adjusting.
  1. Vibrations. Some adjustable beds are prone to vibrations during operation that can cause problems for some people.
  1. Weight Limits. Adjustable beds usually have weight limits compared to your average bed. Unless you’re below 750 pounds, give or take, it is unlikely one of the larger models will hold you without sagging or losing its shape.
  1. Heavy. Adjustable beds are heavy, and require two people to move them. Moving one of these machines is a lot more hassle than moving an ordinary bed, as you may find them weighing 3 times more than 200 pounds.


Do adjustable bed frames come assembled? 

Yes, the frame comes as a whole unit. 

It will need to be put together by someone with experience assembling furniture. 

The pieces should all fit snugly according to the manufacturer’s manual. 

Once its fully assembled, your new adjustable bed is ready for use.

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