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Do Hot Tubs Have Adjustable Feet? (Yes, and You Can Make Yours Too)

I am so glad you asked! 

Hot tubs don’t have the normal four-legged base. However, they do have an option of levelling that can be adjusted to a desired level. 

If you would like to raise the hot tub, simply adjust the support upward. 

To lower it, adjust downward. 

The best part about adjusting your hot tub’s feet is that not only does this make for a more comfortable experience in your hot tub, but it also helps prevent slippage from happening on slippery surfaces such as ice or snow when temperatures are at their lowest during winter months.

This blog post will explore how different types of materials will affect height adjustment and why you need to know what type of surface your spa is sitting on before making adjustments. 

What are adjustable feet on a hot tub?

Adjustable feet are pieces of plastic, wood or concrete that can be screwed into different levels depending on how high you want the hot tub to be. 

They are not a particularly common feature for most hot tubs.

Why do I need adjustable feet for my hot tub? 

Adjustable bases offer you more flexibility with how low or high your hot tub should sit on top of concrete.

Adjustable feet are essential because they allow you to raise or lower your hot tub from one level to another which means that if it’s too high on uneven ground, there’s a chance it might fall over and break. 

Raising or lowering the hot tub with adjustable feet can be done simply by purchasing a spa leveler or installing custom-built wood or plastic shims.

How to install adjustable feet on your hot tub

Plastic shims

If you have an older or uneven floor, the hot tub may not be as stable on the ground. 

This can cause problems with your hot tub warranty or stability if you live in a cold climate. 

Installing plastic shims is one way to provide better insulation and support for your hot tub system.

Plastic shims are affordable and come in a variety of sizes to suit any size or shape of hot tub. 

Plastic is more durable than metal screws so they may last longer with regular maintenance. 

The main disadvantage of plastic shims is that they may not be able to withstand the weight of a larger hot tub and can crack under pressure.

Wooden shims

A wooden shim has traditionally been used as an adjustable underlayment for laminate flooring and other materials to provide an even surface that won’t buckle or wiggle over time. 

They are also perfect when you need to make small adjustments in the height of a hot tub.

They can be installed at the bottom of the hot tub itself or of an existing base.

Installing shims to use as adjustable feet for hot tubs is easy and inexpensive, but you’ll need the right kind of wood strips or planks and fill-in gravel in order to make them work properly. 

The shims are cut into lengths according to the hot tub size, and these pieces are then sanded down at one end so they fit snugly together when stacked on top of each other. 

It’s very important that when installing your wooden shim it be installed flush with where there’s space on the floor so that the hot tub doesn’t wobble or move.

If the installer plans to mount it on a concrete pad then they will drill three holes and attach them with screws that are long enough to go through the shims as well. 

Additionally, the installer will want to make sure they have a screw that can be used in the event the concrete pad becomes loose.

If you’re planning on drilling into your wood deck then it’s best to use screws with rubber washers and drill holes close together so there is less risk of splitting or damaging your surface.

Spa leveler

The commercial grade spa leveler is a tool that should be in every hot tub owner’s garage. 

A commercial spa leveler is a device that can be used to adjust the height of hot tubs. 

The most common use for this type of equipment is with hot tubs and spas as adjustable feet, but there are many other uses outside of just those two types of devices. 

The purpose is to ensure even water displacement and elevation, so as not to overload one side with either more or less weight than the other. 

This device can make the installation of your new or old hot tub easier and more even, which means you will have fewer instances where water flows out of the sides instead of staying contained.

This ensures an evenly distributed load on both sides per square inch for maximum stability. 

A commercial spa leveler should generally be used on concrete or wood floors to avoid the risk of damaging a floor.

The design is an adjustable set of feet that can be used on hot tubs and spas, which work best by lifting them off the ground by about two inches for every three-foot length. 

This will ensure that they are always at just the right height for water drainage and safety.

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Commercial spa levelers come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit the needs of their user, but most are made from wood or metal that can be set up quickly with no specialized tools needed. 

They also provide more stability than just placing something on top of another for support as these devices will not shift or slide around.

The weight of a hot tub should be evenly distributed on the commercial spa leveler to avoid any strain that could cause damage over time. 

It is also important for these devices to be anchored properly so they will not shift around in use, which can lead to injuries and accidents if someone falls off of them.

How can you tell if your feet are adjusted correctly or not?

It’s important when adjusting your hot tub with its feet that they sit firmly on either the ground or the hot tub. 

If they are adjusted correctly, then you will see a distinct line where your base contacts its respective surface.

There are two ways to know if your adjustable feet need repair: 

  1. You can look at where it is pushing against the floor and make sure there is no space in between the base and ground 
  1. You can also measure water level from the top, on the side where it sits to the floor. If one side of your hot tub has a higher water level, it’s probably clear you have a levelling issue that should be looked at. This will make sure that there are no sloshes in the spa when everyone gets out because there’s too much water on one side.

What causes hot tub adjustable feet problems?

The most common cause of this are hot tub owners who don’t know how to adjust the base correctly or people who let animals sit on them and they break because it is not made for that kind of stress.

Sometimes the hot tub bottom is installed incorrectly, or people don’t know how to install them correctly. 

Other times they can break because of the weight of the water and chemicals in your spa when you fill it up for use.

If you have a sloshing noise when everyone gets out of the spa, then that means there is too much water in your hot tub because it’s not properly balanced, adds excess weight on that end and you need to adjust some more. 

If one side of the spa is higher than the other, then you need to adjust your base in order for it to be level again.

If there are any cracks on them or if they’re falling apart and can’t hold anymore, then that means that those adjustable feet will need a new set because they won’t work anymore. 

Steps you can take to fix wooden hot tub adjustable feet that are broken

If any company is selling an inflatable hot tub with adjustable feet, then you will want to be aware that this is an important feature for the longevity of your investment.

  • First of all, remove the existing base from your hot tub by unscrewing them. 
  • Secondly, you will need to measure out how much height it needs on each side and then cut a piece of wood that is about an inch thick or more depending on your comfort level. 
  • Thirdly – now this might be tricky for some people – you will need to drill a hole through the center of each wooden piece, making sure it is aligned with your existing hot tub bottom. 
  • Fourthly – now screw in these new feet and tighten them down using pliers or wrench until they are tight enough. 
  • Fifthly – then put everything back together by assembling the metal frame with the screws and nuts. 
  • Finally, put your cover back on to keep things together while you’re not using it or if there’s a storm as well.
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