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Drain Through Curb: 2 Answers (Explained)

Provisions for stormwater management through curb inlets are designed to ensure free flow of water from the roadway into the storm sewer system. 

Gutter sections, aprons, curbs and manholes are typically provided for this purpose. 

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Since the collected runoff passes through these features, the structural integrity of these components is important for safe and efficient operation.

Also, inlets can be protected from damage by critical elements such as power lines and trees. 

In this article, they’re going to show you how curb inlets work and moreover, how they can be improved.

What is a curb drain?

A curb drain is a part of a street that has been concreted over and can be lowered from the street above to allow water to flow freely away from the roadway, usually hidden under a layer of decorative flagstones or sidewalk. 

A weather-enduring concrete or steel curb is placed in front of the drain to slow the flow of water into the drain and maintain a transition away from the roadway. 

The curb may also include a water retaining barrier to slow the flow of water into the curb, and prevent the roadway from flooding.

Can I drill a hole in my curb?

Curb drains are to be used only when there is excess water, such as from snow melting. 

A hammer drill with a 3 and 1/8 inch bit can be used to drill a hole through the curb, a 4 inch downspout can be attached to this hole to drain the water away.


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