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Where to Get Sawdust (11 Ideas)

Sawdust is a coarse wood powder that is created when you break down wood by slicing it into slivers. 

We all know that sawdust can oftentimes be used in a variety of ways around the home, including being used as a form of insulation, for cooking or mixed in with potting soil to name a few. 

Still, for many people, if you ask them where to get sawdust, they will give you a blank stare. 

When it comes to finding sawdust, you could take a few different approaches listed in this article. These include:

  1. Cabinet shops
  2. Sawmill operators
  3. Hardware stores
  4. Tree trimming companies
  5. Online sources – Craigslist, Esty, Home Depot
  6. OSB manufacturers
  7. Pellet makers
  8. Artificial fire log makers
  9. Furniture makers
  10. Hardwood flooring manufacturers
  11. Pet store

1. Cabinet shops

Every cabinet shop has sawdust. 

It is a common byproduct and costs nothing to produce, so there’s no need to worry about getting ripped off. 

If they want to get rid of it, they’ll sell it to you cheap. 

From there, you can get it in different grades and sizes, depending on the types of projects you are working on. 

The question, really, is more about where the sawdust is stored. 

The problem with sawdust is that it has a very short shelf life before the wood fibers become too weak and fall apart, so taking care of your sawdust is important for its longevity. 

For composting purposes, it needs to be dry and free of additives.

2. Sawmill operators

Ideal for those who don’t want to deal with the hassle of sourcing their own sawdust, sawmill operators offer a cost efficient means of acquiring the ingredients for your project. 

Typically, they will charge by volume delivered (the larger the order, the cheaper per unit) and also offer rates for pick-up if you’re not closer to them. 

Bulk quantities can also be provided at a discounted rate. 

So shop around for the best deal for you. A note of caution, though: many sawmills also produce wood chips. 

Make sure you ask for sawdust (the fine particles of wood left behind after the lumber has been cut); if you get chips instead, it will affect your casting process so choose a different vendor.

3. Hardware stores

With the scent of freshly sawn boards still in the air, hardwood sawdust is a mainstay of do-it-yourself carpentry projects. 

Hardware stores are usually the best bet for getting sawdust, as they are likely to have an aisle with woodworking supplies. 

Other places to look include painting or home center stores. 

Untreated sawdust from a lumberyard is an option, but it will likely be damp. 

The best sawdust for carpentry projects is generally kiln-dried and has no odor. 

Sorting through the sawdust at a home center or lumberyard may take a while, particularly if you are looking for fine sawdust or want to buy just a small amount. 

You can save time by calling ahead, requesting that the staff bring in more sawdust, or asking them to bring out the large burlap bags of sawdust in which they sell it.


Zebedee Nambaleo
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