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How to Close a Hydraulic Storage Bed?

Beds are a very important piece of furniture in your bedroom. You can consider it as an investment on a good bed.

If you have a hydraulic storage bed, make sure to know how to close this kind of bed well. Occasionally, you may feel the necessity to open and close your hydraulic bed.

To do so, remove anything that might hinder the piston movement in the storage compartment below the bed. Push both sides of the open bed firmly to apply a balanced force at its center and then close the lid.

When you get to know how to close a hydraulic storage bed, it will be much easier than you think.

You can always push back to its original position and transform your bed back to a secured storage space.

This blog post will help you to understand how to close a hydraulic storage bed.

With the information provided here, you will be able to do that easily just in several steps and with minimum effort.

What is a hydraulic storage bed?

Powered by hydraulic lift, a hydraulic bed is a kind of platform that can be lowered or raised at your desire. There are several types of such beds but they can be applied in the same manner.

The principle of operation of this type of bed is very similar to that of modern cars, i.e., when you step on the gas pedal of the car, you make it accelerate.

In the case of a hydraulic bed, when you push it, a piston will move thus two corners of the bed will be raised to access the storage space below the bed.

Once the lid is in position, the gas struts will lock it in place for the storage bed to stay open.

Hence, a hydraulic bed has been equipped with this kind of mechanism to raise and lower the upper platform.

Hydraulic beds are operated with the help of pistons as the main feature.

The purpose of a piston seal in a hydraulic bed

After learning the principle of operation of a hydraulic bed, you may be interested in knowing what is the purpose of a piston seal in a hydraulic bed.

By controlling pistons, it becomes possible to control the movement and raise and lower the upper platform. That’s why this type of bed is very useful.

If you are very much interested in hydraulic beds, you may need to know why pistons come with a seal?

Basically, there is a seal on the new piston when you receive the product from the manufacturer to ensure that the piston is in a brand new condition.

The seal will prevent any leakage of hydraulic or piston fluid.

What should you do with the seal of your new piston?

If you receive a new piston, make sure to break the seal before you use it.

You should remove the seal after setting up the hydraulic storage bed.

Make sure to take off the seal before using it in your hydraulic bed storage platform.

The purpose of this is to ensure a better result and convenience while operating your hydraulic bed.

If there is any residue left by the old seal, it can be removed by wiping the seal with a piece of cloth.

Why you need to know how to close a hydraulic storage bed well

Storage space underneath the hydraulic bed is useful.

It can be used to hide some of your things you might not need while sleeping.

Thus, when you are going to sleep, make sure you close the hydraulic storage bed well so that no one will see the things stored in it.

You may utilize this space for your books, blankets and other stuff that you may need or want to hide from others at night.

Cylinders of a hydraulic bed are very sensitive.

Thus, if you want to close the storage space below your bed, then you have to do that gently without any abrupt or too much force on the lever.

If you fail to do that, the result can be fatal that may cause injuries, for instance.

Make sure not to misjudge the strength of your hand if you are going to close the hydraulic storage bed yourself.  

How to close a hydraulic storage bed

Now, it is time to introduce you to the procedure of closing your hydraulic storage bed.

You need to remember that it can be closed based on different designs of beds with the same mechanism or principle.

Lever reaches the bottom, and then you push on it gently.  

If you are having trouble closing your hydraulic storage bed, make sure to read these steps carefully and follow the instructions we provide here.

Step 1: Ensure there is room

The pistons will need to move below your bed.  

If you have a queen-size bed or even larger, you may need to measure the space beneath it first.

See if there is an inch between your upper bed and whatever you have in the storage unit.

Just make sure there is enough space for the pistons to move without hitting other surfaces.

Step 2: Remove extra items from the storage space  

You may have already noticed that you can eliminate the other things that are stored in this place via moving them somewhere else.

The pistons should be able to move without anything blocking it or stopping it by doing so.  

Make sure to remove it if they’re getting in the way and preventing the bed from closing.  

You do not want your pistons colliding with your belongings and causing harm to them.  

Step 3: Push down the frame

Take your upper bed and push it down.  

When you are lowering it, make sure to do that with the help of both hands.  

Applying equal pressure to both corners of the frame will allow it to move smoothly.

If you use only one of your hands, this may result in an uneven movement that may stop the bed from working properly.

In addition, lean in to support the weight and ensure you don’t strain yourself or cause injury by doing so.  

How should to align the bed after closing it

When you close the hydraulic bed, there is a possibility that it will be misaligned.

This may result in the storage space below being exposed to others and not hidden well from sight.  

Therefore, you have to make sure it does not happen by taking the time beforehand to align it correctly.

If your bed simply closes when you are not expecting it to do so, it may be misaligned.  

You can easily adjust and fix that by following these instructions.

  • Make sure you have removed anything blocking the pistons from moving freely e.g. fabric, blankets, pillows etc.
  • Take notice of your bed’s sides where there are hinges, and make sure they are not bent or are not damaged.  If so, you need to straighten them back before you can fix the hydraulic bed properly by following the below instructions.
  • Find a flat surface that is even – it can be your floor, table top or any flat platform large enough to fit your bed on top of it.  
  • Make sure that this alignment is maintained, and then push your bed down as usual.  

How long should the hydraulic storage bed be closed?

If you are using a larger bed, it will need more time to close or open than smaller ones.  

The hydraulic space underneath the bed might extend over 12 inches deep, and thus, you cannot just push one lever down quickly.  

There is no exact time as such for both closing the storage compartment inside your bed and opening it.

However, you should give it at least two minutes to close up.  

If the bed closes and works without a problem, then this indicates that everything is done correctly, and there is nothing else you need to do about it.  

It will take longer for larger beds since they have more load to carry.

Can the mattress stay on when I close my hydraulic storage bed?

Your mattress should stay on the bed when it is closed.  

You will not have to remove it from the storage area inside your hydraulics bed if you don’t want to do so.

If you’re worried, the lid won’t affect the opening and closing mechanism of the hydraulic storage bed.

The only way to cover the compartment below before you sleep on it is to put a mattress on top.      

Otherwise, you have to take it out and store it elsewhere.  

Since your aim is to use your bed for storage space, then a mattress is the best way to go since you can use that without having to worry about removing it every time.

Start practicing how to close your hydraulic storage bed!

In this blog post we have discussed how to close a hydraulic storage bed.

The process is simple, but can sometimes be confusing for people who are not familiar with assembling furniture and items of this nature.

Follow the steps outlined in this article and you will have no problems figuring out how to close your new storage bed.

This article should serve as a basic guide to help users figure out how to assemble their hydraulic storage bed.

It is by no means the last word on this topic, but it does offer a good place for people who want some answers and don’t know where to start looking.

I hope this answer was able to help those who have been searching for it.

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