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How to Fix a Gas Lift Storage Bed?

Numerous types of beds are available in the market. Among these, gas lift storage beds are also quite popular.

Due to their storage concept, these beds are always in demand. But, sometimes users face problems with gas lift storage beds.

Sudden imbalance in the bed can cause serious discomfort and pain.

To fix the gas lift storage bed, tighten hinges and handles, give your bed some lubrication on the hinges and pistons, and replace gas springs with self-locking type.

A gas-powered lift is the perfect solution for storing and retrieving your heavy items.

Homeowners with limited storage space may find that installing a gas lift can add up to 50% more space quickly.

This is because these types of beds can raise and lower very easily, even when they’re full of items!

Gas lift storage beds provide easy access to bed and other items stored underneath it.

However, if the bed is not functioning as it should, then you will need to take certain steps in order to restore it back to its original condition.

This blog post will explore some of the necessary steps for fixing a gas lift storage bed step by step.

Why gas struts should be set up correctly

A gas strut lift is a mechanism invented to assist the process of lifting and lowering heavy lids. 

Generally, these mechanisms are used in utility vehicles, trucks, storage sheds etc. 

They provide support to some of the heaviest systems available today. These lifts are installed on almost all types of structures like boats, engines, tables, beds etc.

Usually these mechanisms are very strong, but due to human error, these mechanisms can fail as well. 

Most of the time when examining the cause for failure, it is observed that people do not act according to instructions.

Incorrect assembly, natural wear and tear and other factors can result in an imbalance problem with your bed. 

Thus, you need to get rid of this situation by taking proper measures.

Gas lift storage beds should be balanced properly. 

Otherwise, they may face problems like the following:

  1. Gas lift bed is unable to go up and down smoothly.
  1. The bed keeps on tilting on one side even after lifting it with full force.
  1. Different parts of the bed remain at different heights when you try to adjust it.
  1. The entire bed shakes when you lift or drop any part of the bed.
  1. You have to exert more force to move the storage bed while folding or unfolding it.
  1. If there is a problem with your gas struts, then even small objects stored in the rack are hard to reach because they may get stuck below.

How to fix gas lift storage bed accordingly

There are some steps that can help you in fixing your gas lift storage bed.

In fact, these measures also provide the best guidance regarding how to fix a gas lift storage bed without wasting any time.

Before going through these steps, you must understand the importance of gas lift storage beds in your life. The following are some major advantages of these types of beds:

  • Gas lift storage beds come with a hydraulic pump and cylinder that helps to raise the bed after pulling its headboard or footboard up manually.
  • They provide better accessibility to stored objects like shoes, blankets, toys and others.
  • The bed can be locked in an open and closed position as well due to its convenient storage concept.
  • These types of beds provide hidden storage space.

So, if you are using a gas lift storage bed and still not happy with your choice, then don’t worry.

You can follow the guidance below to fix common problems your gas lift storage bed:

1. Hardware issues

If you feel that there is an issue with your gas struts, then you probably have to replace them if the hardware damage is severe. 

For minor cases of hardware failure, you can try by tightening all hinges, handles, nuts and bolts properly.

But remember, these mechanisms are quite powerful so use a suitable key to tighten each nut and bolt properly otherwise they can break.

2. Insufficient lubrication

Your gas lift storage bed may experience problems because of improper lubrication. 

If your hydraulic cylinder loses its fluids, then it will be unable to function properly. 

This is one of the major reasons for personal injury when attempting to fix a gas lift storage bed yourself. 

Always use an authorized method to oil in order not to create any problem while you are fixing your storage bed.

3. Balance issues

If your gas lift storage bed is not balanced properly, then it will be subjected to vibration even if it is lifted or dropped in a controlled manner. 

In fact, the entire structure of the bed may become shaky and this condition allows objects stored below to slide off and fall. 

So, you need to balance your bed properly by following the instructions on its user manual.

4. Poor gas spring quality

In many cases, the failure of a gas lift storage bed is due to bad quality gas springs. 

You need to check the quality of these gas springs while buying one for your bed. 

So, before buying one, check its durability.

But don’t forget to replace worn out gas springs with the same model. 

The worn out ones can even damage the other parts of your bed if you try to fix it.

Insist on self-locking gas springs and then fix them properly.

Ensure that the elderly and children do not participate in operating the bed to avoid injuries.

5. Difficulty transporting while moving out

If you have to move out from your current apartment or room, then it will be difficult for you to take the gas lift storage bed with you.

This is because these beds are heavy so they may require special transportation equipment and assistance in order to ship them safely.

So, if you have to move out and need advice on how to fix a gas lift storage bed accordingly, then you can contact your local moving company.

If you rent your place and are likely to move to a new place before you get a permanent residence or buy a house, then do not consider the idea of buying a storage bed at this time.

Can I fix a gas lift storage bed if it is not the same brand as my current bedding?

Shelving units can be very useful for storing clothes and other items in the house or apartment, especially when you live in a small space. 

Some people prefer to buy a whole new set of beds with storage drawers and place them where their old bed was, but others decide to fix an existing piece of furniture into a brand new bedding.

If you have a gas lift storage bed with a non matching bedding, you can easily fix it as already described. 

In fact, it is easier to replace the mattress and bedding separately from the gas lift storage bed.

As you can see, this type of bedding is very convenient to store your stuff, but sometimes their mechanisms may start to have issues. 

But don’t panic if you notice that there are some problems with your gas lift storage bed as they can be easily fixed. 

Just make sure that you know what you are doing, follow the right instructions and don’t forget to use good quality hardware to fix it. 

What is the correct way to release a gas lift storage bed?

The struts which provide support for the bed must be released in a set order.

Although there are instructions provided with gas struts, it is important to understand how struts work and why they should be released in the correct order.

Most gas lift beds use piston type struts. 

Piston type struts are small cylinders located inside the main body of the strut. 

The piston moves in an up and down motion on the shaft to allow for vertical movement.

Gas struts are fitted with an interlock device which prevents them from being partially released, therefore it is important to release them in the correct order.

When lowering or lifting a gas lift bed, it is important to release the struts in the correct order. 

Gas struts are fitted in pairs with one strut at each corner of the bed frame. 

Each pair of gas struts work together, so it is important to release them at the same time.

To correctly lower or lift a gas lift storage bed: First, raise and support both sides of the bed that is to be lifted or lowered. 

Then release one gas strut at a time, starting from the head end of the bed and releasing each side in turn. 

Repeat this process for the second pair of struts and support the bed while releasing.

With both arms on the upper bed, press down on the frame to ensure that all stabilizing points are in contact with the base.

If this process is followed, the bed will remain level and be easier to move into place or move out of storage.

Final thoughts

Setting the gas struts correctly is important to ensure that your bed remains level and easy to move around. 

If you release them in a set order, they will also be easier to use when it comes time for lifting or lowering the bed. 

Gas lift storage beds are fitted with an interlock device which prevents being partially released, so make sure there’s no confusion about what needs to be done before starting your project! 

Beds like this definitely need to be set up and maintained correctly.

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