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How to Get More Sunlight on Balcony (8 Ideas)

Eliminating the gloom and changing your balcony into a sunny sanctuary is easier said than done.

If you want to make your balcony more inviting and radiant, then you need to do a few things.

These eight tips will help you make your balcony the perfect place for extended sittings and, best of all, increase your balcony’s incoming sun’s natural light.

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Here we go!

  1. sunroom
  2. remove shade trees
  3. paint balcony walls white
  4. avoid dark colors on balcony floor
  5. plant white flowers
  6. get rid of privacy screens 
  7. replace balcony roof with a pergola
  8. install solar lights

1. Balconies can be used as sunrooms

Numerous balconies are used as sunrooms.

Sunrooms are small structures built in an area where there is an existing open balcony and usually no other exterior room.

The function of these rooms is to provide a space for the occupants of the building to enjoy natural sunlight.

In fact, many people will place plants, flowers, and other greenery in their sunroom so that they can enjoy its beauty while getting natural light during sunset hours too.

Also, skylights are usually installed directly in the ceiling or balcony roof and consist of a clear, glass-like cover that can be opened or closed depending on the temperature outside and your need for light.

Converting to a sunroom balcony is the perfect way to create another outdoor room for your home that you can use year-round.

As a covered outdoor space, this can be a great way to prevent rain and sun damage to your indoor garden while also keeping pesky bugs at bay.

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In addition to protecting your indoor plants and flowers, covered balconies that are well-lit can also encourage their growth within the room.

2. Get rid of any shade trees

Dealing with an overgrown tree can be frustrating for owners of a balcony.

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The branches often fall and damage home structures.

At the same time, the leaves can add to the litter on your property and make the balcony look dirty.

Large, intruding trees can also cast a shadow on your balcony and block sunlight from the space.

In order to get rid of the shadow, you may need to remove the tree altogether.

Take advantage of a sunny day and remove any branches from your balcony that are growing over into it.

Keep tabs on how much sunlight is coming into the space and cut back any branches that are obstructing it.

If the tree is too large for your balcony and you still want to keep it, consider trimming the branches to make them shorter.

3. Paint the balcony walls white

Sick of the same old beige on your balcony? Want to make it look more interesting? How about painting your balcony walls white?

White is a neutral color that will never go out of style, and it’s one that draws attention.

Try coating a few walls in white and then adding pops of color. Try to stick with lighter shades if you’re not confident about your painting skills.

White is the combination of all colors, so it will allow all of the sun’s rays to pass through and into your space.

The next time you are planning a painting spree around your home, consider this color option for the outside walls of your space.

In addition to increasing light levels, painting your balcony white can also help reduce the number of insects and birds that you attract to your home.

Bats and bees are naturally attracted to darker surfaces, so painting your balcony with bright colors is an excellent option if you plan on deterring more wildlife to your area.

4. Avoid dark colored tiles / floor

Elegant and luxurious, marble is an ideal choice for the flooring of your balcony.

Marble provides a beautiful space to place your furniture and plants.

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But it is also important that you do not go overboard with your marble, because it can act as a solar absorber heating up your balcony during the day while keeping cool during the night.

Black stained tiles can also absorb the sun’s light, and provide the problem of reduced visibility.

Balconies covered with a dark colored carpet can minimize much of the light from reaching inside.

The best option is to use lighter colored tiles or floor covers on top of a dark grout or flooring.

A lighter colored floor can reflect more sunlight, and help keep the balcony cooler during hot summer afternoons.

5. Plant white flowers

In the spring and summer months, different varieties of white flowers help to create a rich look, especially when planted from the balcony pots and allowed to bloom into the winter months.

White flowers will help to keep your balcony room looking bright and cheery.

Some great options include: 

  • iris
  • hosta
  • chrysanthemum
  • daffodils
  • crocus
  • hyacinths
  • tulips

Without flowers, your home or room will appear too dark and gloomy.

Flowers are also a great way to complement the view from your balcony.

Many people choose a balcony because of the beautiful scenery that it provides.

A great way to enhance your view is to choose a variety of flowers that will grow well during the season and compliment the scenery around your home.

Elegant, bright and vivid colors of flowers will add beauty and interest to your balcony, making it a popular spot for family and friends to gather.

6. Remove balcony privacy screens and lattice

Fences, boards, faux boxwood and other lattice-type decorative barriers can prevent sightlines from a balcony.

Not only do they provide visual privacy, but they also keep people from seeing into the living space below.

If you don’t want your neighbors to be able to see into your living area while you eat on your balcony, then a privacy screen is a good idea.

But if you simply want more sunlight on your balcony, then you need to remove any screen fences in the way to open up your balcony for more light and ventilation.

If you live in a cold climate, then you might also want to consider growing creepers. They will create a porch-like effect around your balcony so that you can step out while still shielding yourself from watchful eyes and keeping the space beautiful.

Just make sure that these plants are not overwhelming and that they give an enclosed feel.

7. Use a pergola (can be used in conjunction with idea 6)

In many cases, the lattice or decorative fencing you removed can be replaced by a pergola.

Pergolas are latticework structures above a balcony that provide convenience and additional light to your balcony area.

When considering the building of a pergola for your balcony, choose one that will compliment the look of your home and its surroundings as well as supplementing the natural lighting of your balcony.

This can be achieved by installing a garden trellis that is covered with vines, plants or flowers.

The pergola will give you an additional place to grow greenery.

In the space created beneath the latticework, planters and other plants can flourish.

The result is a condensation of natural light from your balcony space into a kitchen or dining area.

8. Use a small solar lighting system to get more light on the balcony

Solar powered lights are not only great for use in your yard or garden, they are also great for placing on your balcony or patio.

Solar lights will allow you to have the option of dimming and brightening the amount of light in a room.

Many solar lighting systems provide either full-on light or half-light options so that you can go from having a bright sunny space to a more subtle lighting when desired.

These systems are also easy to install and maintain.

Place the solar lights in a prominent spot such as on the railing of your balcony or on a decorative trellis that stretches across the wall.

The light you get from the solar lighting doesn’t need to be very bright, but it will give you a unique effect that can make your balcony feel more romantic or relaxing if you also incorporate some outdoor textiles or plants.

To sum up

Getting a little more sun into your home has never been easier with the help of these few tips and tricks.

It is possible to get some extra sun into your home, but there may be some effort involved.

Hopefully this guide has given you the knowledge needed to lighten up your days.

See if you can use these tips and tricks as inspiration to get more light in your balcony.

You might just see the positive changes that will come from it!

Uplifting your living space and home can be a fun and creative process, so don’t be afraid to get creative.

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