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How to Protect Air Mattress From Dog

As much as I love my pet, I always want to protect my furniture from dog hair and dander. 

If your dog sleeps on the air mattress next to you, you may notice that your mattress is starting to take on a furry appearance. 

While you may be satisfied with your air mattress, your dog may have different plans. 

You have to get a product that will help you to keep your mattress clean and without holes. 

To protect your air mattress from dog, use a waterproof mattress cover, trim nails, and clean your dog regularly to get rid of bugs.

As a dog owner, I’m no stranger to my pooch sleeping in bed with me. 

In fact, if you’re a dog owner, you’re probably accustomed to waking up with them every morning in your bed.

But maybe you’ve never considered what damage they might be causing to your furniture. More of that in the following section…

How do dogs damage air mattresses?

Air mattresses are pretty smart for my guests who come over to visit me, and they really are a great alternative to the expense of a hotel room. 

However, dogs can easily damage an air mattress. 

This is because their nails can easily puncture the material of the mattress.

Dogs love to sleep on soft surfaces, and they love to sleep in the same place every night. 

Unfortunately, this can lead to a habit of chewing or clawing on soft surfaces.

A dog’s urine and saliva are acidic and will add an unpleasant smell to the mattress, not to mention the stain left behind. 

Lastly, when your best friend is snoozing on an air mattress with you, the extra weight of their body can compress the mattress, causing the air to leak out. 

Air mattresses are convenient and comfy, but they require some extra steps to protect your investment. 

If you have pets, you should take extra steps to protect your air mattress. 

(Note: We are not talking about the dogs living in your house. We are talking about the dogs who stay for a bit and make their way on the bed.) 

I prepared tips that can help you keep your air mattress in the best shape possible, keep reading.

How to keep air mattress protected from your dog

So you got the sweetest deal on a mattress online, but when you open the box you realize it’s an air mattress, and you have no idea how to protect this thing from your dog. 

He’s already left a few holes in the plastic packaging, so now you’re worried about what he’s going to do to your new mattress. 

If you’ve ever shared your bed with a dog, you know it can be a challenge to keep them from chewing, scratching and just generally destroying your air mattress. 

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help protect your air mattress from your dog.

1. Protect your air mattress from pet hair 

Even though some people use pet beds, pets still tend to prefer couches and air mattresses. 

Many people don’t mind the extra hair, but if you are one of those who think that hair is an eyesore, here are some tips to remove it and keep it from returning. 

The first thing you can do is to buy a cover for your mattress

This will protect it from the hair and keep it from accumulating on the bed. 

Make sure that the cover is pet-proof, so that your pets cannot chew through it and remove it from the air mattress.

As a preventive measure, ensure you brush your dog regularly and keep his hair trimmed to reduce the amount of hair your dog sheds in the first place.

To remove dog’s fur from the air mattress, you can use either of the following:

  • lint roller 
  • dryer sheet 
  • sticky tape
  • rubber glove
  • felt polisher

2. Protect your air mattress from pet stains and smell 

You are probably well familiar with the problem of how to protect an air mattress from pet stains. 

In fact, it seems you can never have enough ways to protect an air mattress from pet stains.

A stained air mattress could make your guests uncomfortable when they sleep on it. 

However, you can protect it from pet stains with some air mattress protection covers

These mattress cover protectors are made from waterproof and anti-bacterial material, and are also resistant to stretch, tear, and fading.

In case there’s dog poop already, clean it immediately using the following steps:

  • Step 1 Spray the stains with an enzyme cleaner to loosen the pet stain
  • Step 2 Use a wet vac to remove the mess
  • Step 3 Clean the area with a solution of 1 part vinegar to 4 parts water
  • Step 4 Let the area dry

3. Protect your air mattress from pet nails

Dogs are like kids: they don’t always know what they’re doing. 

Whether they’re playing in the yard or just running around the house, pet nails are often the culprits behind holes in your air mattress. 

Protecting your air mattress from pet nails doesn’t have to be difficult.

Here are tips to start protecting your mattress right away:

  1. Trim your dog’s nails
  1. Use a protective mattress cover or sleeping pad all the time
  1. Find some dog socks
  1. Check out dog boots at your favorite pet store

4. Protect your air mattress from dog bugs

While your dog enjoys spending his days chasing squirrels, he can come back covered in bug bites. One day, you may find your dog covered in fleas and ticks.

Between bed bugs, dust mites, and other allergens, a mattress is a veritable magnet for parasites as pets hop and play in them. 

If you’ve ever woken up covered in mysterious bites or itchy welts, you can’t blame the mattress, but you still want to protect it. 

The good news is that it’s simple to prevent pests from nesting in an air mattress, as long as you keep it clean using the methods we’ve already discussed. 

Trim down the dog’s fur to see if you can detect fleas on his body.

As your puppy gets older, you may find that you need to clean up after them more often.

Be sure to check the exterior of your home regularly for any areas where bugs may be lurking, and look out for cracks, holes, and weak spots in your windows and door frames that are easy to break through.  

Remember to also check under your eaves and in your basement for any cracks or holes where bugs can easily enter.

6. Get a dog proof air mattress

There is no denying that dogs are the masters of the house when it comes to keeping themselves amused. 

Whether it is chewing the curtains, eating your favorite pair of flip-flops, or digging holes in the backyard, these furry companions provide plenty of entertainment. 

But, more often than not, their antics are not appreciated, especially when it comes to your mattress.

It can be very annoying to have to get up in the middle of the night and plump up the mattress. 

To prevent this from happening, many people choose to get an air mattress that is specifically designed to be dog or cat proof.

Dog proof air mattresses are strong enough to withstand pressure from cat or dog claws, even though they are not 100% puncture-proof.

But they are excellent for the job.

You can also purchase them in various sizes with an average thickness of 20 inches.

Keep your air mattress dog-proof!

The majority of people who have pets will tell you their pets are family members. 

So, it comes as no surprise that they want to bring their fur babies into the bedroom. 

This is where the air mattress comes in: they are inexpensive, comfortable alternatives to an old, lumpy mattress that you may have been using. 

However, if you have a pet, you may be concerned about what impacts they may have on the mattress. 

The good news is that there are some steps you can take to protect the air mattress from your pet’s nails, fur, stains and smell.

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