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How to Stop Bed Frame Wheels From Moving

Purchasing a bed frame is one of the most important decisions in the life of a household. And whether it is for yourself, your kids, or guests, choosing and buying a wheeled bed frame that is suitable and best fit for your needs should also take into consideration other factors such as aesthetics, storage space, budget, and so on.

Properly securing the wheels of your bed frame can be done very easily by using a slipstick gripper, carpet protectors, or removing the wheels altogether.

Even though the whole point of having bed leg wheels is that they can be easily removed or rolled around, many people do not realize that such a small change can have a huge impact on the durability of their bed frame.

While many people choose to move their bed frame from one spot to another on a daily basis, some don’t.

For example, in case you live in a very small apartment and your bedroom is the only room that is spacious enough for a bed frame, it might not be necessary to move it at all.

If you do not find yourself moving your bed frame very often, or if you are looking to keep your bed frame in place, then this blog post is worth considering.

Coming up next, let’s explore why your bed keeps moving.

Why the bed keeps shifting

I don’t know about you, but twice a year I feel like all my bedding accessories are conspiring against me.

It’s as if some secret society is meeting in dark rooms to decide what the next few months are going to be like for all of us people who have beds.

You see, when it comes to beds, there are several components to focus on: bed frame, mattress, box spring, bedding, etc.

But lately, I’ve been wondering why it seems like every few months my mattress is moving from one side of my bed to the other.

So this week I set out to not only figure out how a bed is able to move around but also stop it!

Hence, this blog post.

So how do beds move in the first place? There could be several reasons for this particular phenomenon, not limited to:

  1. The mattress itself has tons of springs that can warp with time, causing your mattress to sink in certain places.
  2. Headboard not properly attached to the bed or just hovering above it.
  3. Wrong frame size or weight of the user.

How to stop bed frame wheels from moving

I love the look of bed frames with wheels.

It gives this bedroom furniture a sleek, modern vibe.

But I don’t love all the shifting and movements that happen because of them.

Which is why I started looking for ways to keep my bed frame in place.

What I found is that there are a few things you can do to stop bed frame wheels from moving.

The following instructions should help you secure your bed frame to the point where it won’t budge, no matter how much you jump on it.

  • Remove the wheels – This is the most straightforward way to stop your bed frame from rolling.
  • Slipstick gripper – If you don’t want to use any means of adhesive, just take some slipstick and get it under each wheel.
  • Carpet protectors – Put some sticky carpet protectors underneath the wheels of your bed frame.
  • Plastic bowls – Take a resistant plastic container and place each wheel in a container.

Get your bed to stop making noises

I love my bed.

My bed is comfortable and soft, like the marshmallow clouds I see in my dreams every night.

It’s even better than that, though; it makes sounds that keep me company while I sleep.

I’m not talking about snoring or whistling wind either, although those are both noises generated by beds (and their owners).

I’m talking about the other kinds of bed sounds, the ones that happen because you’re resting on a soft surface and movement transfers kinetic energy into sound waves.

It’s perfectly natural to hear little noises while you sleep, but when it’s just one or two every few minutes, they can be incredibly annoying.

If this happens when you’re trying to be quiet, it can drive you crazy.

So what do you do if your bed is the one making the noise? Well, that’s what we’re here to help you with today.

I’ll give some tips on how to stop your bed from creaking and squeaking so you can keep sleeping in peace every night.

  1. The first step to solving the problem of noisy beds is identifying what kind of movement is causing the noise so you identify the source of the problem.
  2. Fasten joints with bolts, screws, or glue
  3. Oil clumsy joints or replace them with ball-bearing joints
  4. Cushion noisy joints with felt, rubber pads, or caster cups in case you have a bed with wheels or glides
  5. Refasten loose joints to make sure they don’t move as you sleep
  6. Spray adhesive in hard-to-reach spots to keep the joints from sliding
  7. Apply a small amount of cooking oil or WD-40 to silent squeaky hinges
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