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How to Stop Neighbor Playing Basketball (7 Noise Remedies)

Basketball is as American as apple pie. With over 27 million people playing regularly, according to Statista, it’s among the nation’s top 3 most popular sports.

But as much as we love cheering on our favorite teams, the thumping ball and shouting players can disrupt the peace when the game’s happening right next door.

How do you stop noisy neighbors playing basketball? Try these ideas:

  • Chat in person kindly 
  • Aim for compromise 
  • Offer alternatives 
  • Keep detailed records 
  • Check local noise laws 
  • Try DIY soundproofing 
  • Call the cops as the final option

Here are different solutions for blocking unwanted basketball noise:

StrategyHow It Works
Soundproof curtainsAbsorb noise waves
Add mass to wallsDampen vibration
Court floor soundproofingAbsorb dribble/footstep noise
Reinforced fencingPrevent noise transfer
Barriers like trees or fencesPhysically block sound waves
White noise machineMasks basketball noise
EarplugsBlock noise entering ears
Basketball noise-blocking solutions

So, how late is too late for the neighborhood night owls to be dribbling down the street? When does their jump shot practice start disturbing your beauty sleep?

This post covers tips on ideal playing times, how to reduce noise, and what to do when your neighbor‘s late-night games are keeping you up.

How late is too late to play basketball at night?

The consensus seems to be that 9-9:30 p.m. is the cutoff for respectful play in neighborhoods. The appropriate basketball curfew depends on a few factors:

  • Noise level – Basketball’s a noisy game, especially with a bunch of folks playing. In residential areas, it’s important to keep the decibels to a minimum.
  • Time of year – During summer, when daylight lingers, you can ethically play later into the evening. Games need to wrap up sooner once winter rolls around, and it gets dark earlier.
  • Day of the week – On weeknights, neighbors are more likely to get riled up by late gaming. Weekends tend to be more flexible.
  • Location – Public parks allow later night play than residential streets where kids sleep.

The table below shows recommended hours for considerate neighborhood basketball play based on the day of the week and time of year.

DayRecommended Hours
WeeknightsEnd by 9-9:30 PM
WeekendsCan play until 10-11 PM
Summer MonthsLater play acceptable
Winter MonthsEnd earlier due to darkness
Recommended basketball playing times

How to stop neighbor playing basketball

Having an impromptu nightly basketball game happening right outside your window can quickly go from fun community activity to annoying disruption when you’re trying to sleep.

When those nightly jump shots keep you up, addressing the issue politely is essential. Here are some friendly ways to get the neighborhood ballers to rein in their late-night games:

neighbors playing basketball

1. Chat in person kindly 

Set up a time to talk face-to-face and calmly explain that the noise from the late games makes it challenging for you to sleep. Give recent examples. They may not realize the disruption and could be open to compromise if approached politely. Offer to devise a mutually acceptable cutoff time that works for both parties.

2. Aim for compromise 

See if limiting basketball to only 2-3 nights per week or agreeing on an exact end time of 9 p.m. would help reduce disturbances to you. Maybe they’d be fine ending a bit earlier on weeknights versus weekends. Offer to give them a heads up on nights when you need quiet for an important early morning.

3. Offer alternatives 

You can also propose other solutions, like recommending the neighborhood pool funds for a 24-hour gym that offers late-night basketball. Or help them find a nearby park with courts and lights where late play won’t bother residents.

4. Keep detailed records 

Note specific instances where the basketball noise caused issues for you, including dates, times, duration, and how it impacted you. For example, cite when loud cheering at 11 p.m. disrupted your sleep before a big work presentation. Concrete documentation shows this is an ongoing problem and not just a one-off.

5. Check local noise laws 

Do some research to see if your city or county has any relevant noise ordinances that prohibit loud activities during certain nighttime hours. You can gently reference these laws when discussing the issue but tread carefully in making any legal threats and keep the conversation friendly.

6. Try DIY soundproofing 

There are some things you can do on your end to muffle the noise, like installing blackout curtains, playing white noise, or hanging acoustic panels. Let your neighbors know you’ve taken these steps and are still being impacted by the late games.

7. Call the cops as the final option 

Contacting the non-emergency police line to file a noise complaint is a last-resort option once all other avenues have failed. This measure will likely damage relations with your neighbors, so building understanding through civil dialogue is better before escalating to authorities.

noisy basketball players

How to block basketball noise?

When your neighbor’s late-night balling is bouncing off the walls, there are some DIY ways to help block the ruckus:

  • Soundproof curtains – Install these noise-blocking curtains on windows and doors to prevent noise from getting into your home.
  • Add mass to shared walls – Applying mass-loaded vinyl or sound-deadening mats to walls where basketballs are bouncing can help absorb impact noise.
  • Dampen the court floor – Putting sound-absorbing rubber mats or turf on the basketball court floor can reduce dribble and footstep noise.
  • Reinforce fencing – You can reduce noise bleed by installing soundproofing materials or extra mass on your shared fence.
  • Create a barrier – Strategically placing bushes and trees or installing a tall privacy fence or noise barrier walls can help block sound waves.
  • White noise machine – This handy device helps mask basketball noise by producing a constant soothing sound.
  • Earplugs – Good ol’ earplugs are an easy way to block noise when you need some shut-eye.

The table below gives examples of different soundproofing materials that can help reduce noise from neighboring basketball games.

Mass Loaded VinylApply to walls to dampen noise
Acoustic PanelsMount on walls to absorb sound
InsulationInstall in walls to block noise
Acoustic CaulkingSeal gaps where noise leaks through
Soundproof CurtainsCover windows to muffle noise
Soundproofing materials

How to play basketball at night respectfully?

You can still enjoy some nighttime shootin’ hoops without disturbing the whole neighborhood. Here are some tips:

  • Follow the rules – Know your local ordinances and noise regulations and make sure your games comply.
  • Light it up – Install floodlights or court lighting so you can play safely at night. Just make sure it’s not glaring into your neighbor’s bedroom.
  • Quieter equipment – Use balls, shoes, and court materials designed to minimize noise.
  • Keep it down – Discourage loud shouting and backboard/rim-rattling during play to reduce noise.
  • Reasonable hours – Start at a considerate time and wrap up before it gets too late to respect sleep schedules.
  • Discuss with neighbors – Talk to surrounding residents to get feedback on the least disruptive playing times.
  • Soundproof – If noise remains an issue, soundproof fencing, plant barriers, or install a noise-reducing enclosure.

Key Takeaway: With compromise and consideration from both sides, solutions can often be found to allow nighttime basketball fun while minimizing noise disruptions for neighbors. The key is open communication and a willingness to meet each other halfway.


Being a respectful, thoughtful neighbor when playing late-night basketball is so important for keeping the peace on your block.

With some simple remedies like soundproofing, agreed-upon playing hours, and quieter equipment, you can get your hoops fixed without disturbing others.

What strategies have worked for you to reduce basketball noise for your neighbors? Share your ideas and experiences in the comments!

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