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13 Inspiring Indoor Balcony Ideas

Most balconies in homes are open air, allowing a homeowner to enjoy the views outside from the comfort of their home.

Yet indoor balconies, just like their outdoor counterparts, can be just as enjoyable.

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Incorporating some unique features into this space will add a unique element to your home.

Here are 13 ideas to bring an indoor balcony to life:

  1. Workstation
  2. Storage solution
  3. Plants and flowers 
  4. Entertainment center
  5. Pet area
  6. Spare bedroom
  7. Minibar
  8. Gym/exercise area
  9. Meditation area
  10. Tabletop fountains
  11. Hang art/photograph/paintings/crafts 
  12. Flooring ideas 
  13. Dining area
  14. Mini book library

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1. Workstation

A home office or craft room is always a good idea, as it empowers people to spend time on their creativity or profession.

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It is a place where you can fully focus on your work and be productive.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, many people were forced to stay at home, and with that came the need for a workspace to do remote work or light crafting.

Folding work tables can be easily stored when not in use and are easy to clean.

Workstations are also a great place to work with your kids as they learn math or reading, or if you have children that love to draw or paint.

2. Storage solution

A storage room is needed in any house.

Organize your things, so they’re out of sight and easy to find.

A storage room for hobbies, tools or seasonal items will make room for working and living spaces.

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You can create specialized containers for your stuff or a built-in closet stacked with shelves to store things neatly and make your floor space more flexible and clear.

An indoor balcony with a designated storage area can also provide enough privacy, and you’ll have plenty of space for other things you need in a hurry.

3. Plants and flowers 

Bring the outdoors inside with a small plant or flower pot.

You can also make an indoor balcony into a garden by adding a few crops of your favorite plants. You can grow lettuce, tomatoes, and herbs to use in your cooking.

It is also a great way to decorate your indoor balcony.

It is not only practical but will also provide you with some fresh food.

Sustainable materials for vertical gardening are essential to keep plants alive and healthy.

Grow fruits such as strawberries and cherries using compost, moss, and bone meal.

4. Entertainment center

Everyone has a favorite movie or show to watch, and you can use an entertainment center to organize anything from your DVD and Blu-ray collection to your vinyl records.

Get creative by making seating out of old chairs and decorate the wall with some of your most prized possessions on display.

It is a great way to personalize your indoor balcony.

You could even consider musical instruments such as a guitar, keyboard, or a small drum set to create a perfect place for relaxation and have a little jam session with your family and friends.

5. Pet area

Your pet will appreciate having an area to relax or play indoors, and you can make an indoor balcony pet friendly by placing a pet bed and companion toys in a cozy corner of your balcony.

You can create an indoor pet area using old pillows, blankets, and the occasional teddy bear.

Sometimes, a shelter for a full-grown dog won’t fit, but if you have a small puppy or kitten, it is possible to accommodate them with an indoor dog house or an indoor cat condo, tree, or hammock to make them feel more comfortable.

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6. Spare bedroom

Transforming your indoor balcony into a guest room will be valuable for any visit, especially if you have relatives living far away.

You can even offer your friends a place to stay if they desperately need a place to live.

It is also great to save money on hotels when your family is in town to see you.

Add some simple bed, dresser, or wardrobe, and they will be grateful for your hospitality.

Folding up the bed during the day or in case of a guest who will stay for only one night can be a great space-saving idea.

7. Wine cellar, minibar

Like a wine cellar, an indoor balcony with a built-in wine rack can fulfill the same purpose.

If you invest in some new equipment to rack your bottles, you can add some decorative elements on the wall or floors of your balcony for a better effect.

To ensure you don’t run out of a drink or that your favorite drink is always available, stock it with some quality spirits, beers, snacks, and sodas.

You can even include a few wine bottles, a corkscrew, and glasses.

Never miss an opportunity to get together with your friends at home.

8. Gym, exercise area

People who lead a sedentary lifestyle could greatly benefit from an exercise machine.

An indoor balcony is a perfect spot to install a small-weight machine.

Adding music and audiobooks to follow your favorite workout routine can make it even better.

This is another way to personalize your indoor balcony and create your own private sanctuary if you usually do yoga.

If you have enough space, you can install a few yoga mats and join your friends for evening classes.

9. Meditation area

For many people, meditation is a means to improve their overall well-being.

Just sit on a chair or cushion and close your eyes.

The same rule applies to an indoor balcony.

For a very spiritual person, a quiet and uncluttered indoor environment will help them feel connected with the divine power of nature.

Listening to the sounds of nature and the voice of your conscience will help you achieve inner peace.

Consider essential oils like lavender, peppermint, and tea tree oils; they produce a calming effect and stimulate brain function.

10. Tabletop fountains

How about creating a natural fountain to complement your indoor balcony?

Special water features are considered a symbol of luxury and tranquility.

Fountains can add a sense of zen, relaxation, or charm.

Using small rocks, pebbles, and water, you can invert the natural flow of water and make it run through small channels and over small basins.

That way, it will be more like a miniature pond rather than a fountain overall.

The trick is to create ambiance and make the water sparkle with lights.

11. Hang art, photograph, paintings & crafts 

Perhaps you already own some art you’ve made but would like to find a more serene spot to display it?

Mounting it on your indoor balcony wall could be the answer.

It is a place to get your creative juices flowing while serving as decoration.

And don’t forget about displaying a collection of photographs of family and friends too; it makes the whole space feel like home.

In addition, a vintage map of your hometown adds a touch of nostalgia and makes for a great conversation piece.

12. Flooring ideas

Interesting patterns and textures make your indoor balcony a great flooring idea.

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Many people are getting creative with tiles that can match or contrast your balcony’s natural look.

Combine it with various other elements—like a rug, carpet, or artificial grass—to make a fun, whimsical, and cozy spot to kick back, relax and enjoy your time.

What works great is blending in the existing décor of your house with the flooring and mixing things up with pops of color, upholstered furniture, or a few accessories like a fancy lamp and floor pillows.

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13. Dining area

Make your indoor balcony area into a dining nook.

Depending on your size and the space layout, you can design a spot for seating that’s large enough for more compact gatherings.

Create a feel of functionality by utilizing wall-mounted cabinets, like you would in an actual kitchen.

With its ample storage space and overhead storage shelving, it’s ideal for storing pots and pans, plus it doubles as an extra place to set down plates and silverware during meal time.

It’s the perfect spot to hang out while you wait for your food to come.

14. Mini book library

Add some flair to your indoor balcony with a mini book library.

Arrange the books in neat rows, using labels to identify each one.

If you have enough room, install another shelf along the ceiling to hold oversized books.

It’s a great way to expand your book collection and a great spot to enjoy a few pages from some of your favorite books with a good cup of coffee.

It’s also a private space where you can go for quiet reading time or enjoy lengthy reading sessions.

When you don’t have time to finish a novel, move it to your nightstand.

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