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Balcony Laminate Flooring Curling Edges: 2 Answers + Solution (Explained)

Poor flooring quality noticed by the owner of the balcony home can be a huge problem for them.

There are various reasons behind the laminate flooring curling edges, and you should take care of them immediately to avoid further damage and other issues. 

High levels of humidity, excess weight of furniture or appliances on the floor, traffic, and outdated flooring can cause the flooring to curl up or lift, making it difficult to walk on.

This article will help you learn the various reasons behind the laminate flooring curling edges and how to fix them.

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Why is my laminate floor curling?

Excessive humidity can promote curling edges on laminate flooring.

Water damage due to leaks or flooding can also result in warp and curl damage. Excess weight on the floor can also be a major issue.

The flooring is more likely to curl in areas where heavy appliances or furniture are placed.

Since extreme high pressure is used to create this product, excessive stress will distort brittle surfaces.

Another cause of curling edges is an improper installation which can lead to chipped edges or leave gaps between the planks and cause them to buckle under tension.

Additionally, aging laminate flooring easily cracks due to an accumulation of wear, tear, and traffic damage that diminishes the surface.

How do you fix warped laminate flooring?

Figuring out what is causing the curling of the laminate planks can help determine how to fix it.

Since this type of flooring has a plastic coating and is not solid like hardwood flooring, it is not possible to sand down the edges to make it flat again.

You risk stripping the veneer and wearing down the core and the undercoating.

On the other hand, a hot hair dryer will only dry out the material but won’t repair it.

The best way to repair delamination is to:

  • hot glue the ends of the creases
  • scrape off any loose material with a razor
  • redo the floor to add a better finish with professional help
  • cut out damaged flooring using a circular saw and replace it with waterproof laminate flooring
  • avoid wet mopping to eliminate moisture and humidity issues
  • use a threshold molding as a floor transition to add additional insulation to the edges of the room
  • use removable furniture feet on chairs, tables, and sofas
  • place rugs in areas of high foot traffic


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