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How to Move Logs Without a Tractor (11 Ideas)

Efficient log harvesting, arguably the most crucial and time-consuming process in the world of forestry, requires immense effort and skill.

Loggers throughout the industry can use a tractor, which is the most efficient way to move logs.

However, some mills or individuals may be short on equipment or cannot afford it. In these cases, other methods of log transport must be employed.

This article will explore the more traditional methods of moving logs without a tractor, including the use of:

  1. Portable log carrier
  2. Wheeled log carrier
  3. Draft horses / sulkies
  4. Mini-skyline or yarder
  5. Forklift
  6. Log skidder
  7. Log grapple / lifting tongs
  8. Truck with crane
  9. Trailer without tailgate
  10. Forestry grab
  11. Logging winch
  12. Shorten stumps with chainsaw, hoedad or log splitter

1. Portable log carrier

A handheld log carrier, also known as a log tote, is used for carrying logs in the wild and at home.

They are typically made of water-resistant canvas, a square or triangular shape with two handles, and are best for carrying one to six average logs.

These stove-length firewood carrier bags work well for short trips in the woods, such as from the truck or woodpile to a campsite but not for any large distance.

Suede leather handles are more durable and usually used for a more comfortable grip while carrying bulky loads using the shoulder or hand.

2. Wheeled log carrier

The most common types of log towing device are a two-wheel wood caddy.

While these do not separate logs as the chain saw does, they are still very efficient at getting the logs to their destination and are still widely used today.

A solid steel axle with two hard rubber wheels makes transporting the logs safe and easy.

They are lightweight, weighing about 30.09 pounds, and the size is about 73.00 x 66.00 x 110.50 Inches (LxWxH). Holds up to 150 pounds of wood for easy transportation and storage.

Assembly is required to get the unit ready to go.

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