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Mystery Pipe in Basement Floor: 3 Answers (Explained)

Finishing a basement is a big job but it’s even more confusing if you find a surprise in the floor of what was supposed to be your new room. 

This can either be a relief or a disappointment.

A new discovery, like a leak in your basement, can be added to the list of things to fix. 

So, why would an unknown pipe stick out of your basement floor? It is probably an old water drainage system from the house’s previous occupants

This article will explain why this is so and how to take care of it.

What is the pipe coming out of my basement floor? Why would there be a mystery pipe under my basement floor?

Interconnected plumbing drain pipes with vertical sections typically run and protrude depending on the age of your home

Since basement floor slab is the last thing to be completed before the homeowner begins to occupy their new home, the embedded plumbing pipes need to be carefully concealed and/or buried if they are to pass below the slab. 

As such, depending on the age of your home, it is entirely normal for there to be a myriad of vertical pipes sealed with mortar. 

The pipe you have found is most likely one of these vertical drainage pipes that may be have been used for the following purposes in the past:

  • vent for the floor drain
  • waste stack for upstairs
  • cistern
  • shallow well
  • abandoned eavestrough drain

How to hide pipes in basement

Exposed plumbing pipes in a basement can sometimes be concealed from view. 

Remodeling or updating your basement takes into account how you will hide or display your plumbing pipes and how this layout will affect your living space. 

Creative home owners will use a number of different methods to camouflage their plumbing pipes. The most common methods include:

  • using paint to cover the pipe
  • plastic wall or ceiling panels over or behind the pipe
  • installing shelving over the pipes
  • arrange furniture, décor and fixtures in a way that conceals pipe

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  • molding with plumbing covers
  • creative use of tile or other flooring materials to conceal pipes

How do I know if there is water under my basement floor?

Active water infiltration can occur in a number of ways.

The most likely suspects are the following:

  • leaking sewage pipe(s) (e.g. toilet, sink, dishwasher, floor drain)
  • cracked foundation joints
  • seeping weeping tile
  • leaking utility water pipe (e.g. washing machine, water heater)
  • basement wall(s) showing signs of leakage (discoloration, condensation, white mineral deposit).


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