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Neighbor Blocking Mailbox? 4 Steps to Address the Issue

Mail delivery is a key service that most of us rely on daily. Carriers with the United States Postal Service deliver to over 142 million mailboxes every day across the country, ensuring people receive their mail and packages in a timely manner.

Unobstructed access to mailboxes is essential for postal workers to provide this important service efficiently.

Take the following action steps to address a blocked mailbox:

1Speak to your neighbor politely
2Contact your local post office
3File a complaint with USPS
4Involve law enforcement if needed
Summary of steps to take if your mailbox is blocked

In this post, I’ll walk you through what to do if your neighbor is blocking your mailbox and preventing your mail from being delivered.

We’ll cover the laws and postal service policies, look at reasons why neighbors block boxes, and I’ll give you actionable steps to resolve the issue.

What is considered blocking a mailbox?

Let’s start by understanding what is considered a blocked mailbox. The USPS has clear standards on this.

  • Blocking a mailbox refers to anything that prevents your mail carrier from getting access to put mail in there.
  • This could be a car parked too close, a garbage can in front, piles of snow, fences, or overgrown plants, etc. Anything that obstructs the mailbox is considered blocking.
  • According to USPS rules, a car within 15 feet of the mailbox is considered blocked.

The main thing is that if anything at all is stopping your mail carrier from getting to that mailbox, it’s considered blocked. And no one wants that – it means you don’t get your mail on time!

Is it illegal to block access to a mailbox?

Now you might be wondering…is my neighbor breaking the law by blocking my mailbox? What are the actual rules here?

  • A federal US law (United States Code Section 1701) prohibits obstructing the passage of mail. This could potentially include blocking someone’s mailbox.
  • However, the courts ultimately get to decide if a specific case of blocking a mailbox violates the law.
  • Some states have clearer laws prohibiting blocking mailboxes. For example, in California, you can be fined up to $1,000 for it!
  • Parking right in front of a mailbox could lead to fines of up to $250 or a jail term of up to six months.
  • Even if it’s not technically illegal, blocking a mailbox means your mail carrier may skip your house.
  • Be aware of city codes on-street parking that could affect mailbox access.

The bottom line is you don’t want to take risks here. Keeping the mailbox area clear is the safest bet to avoid issues. No one wants to deal with fines or missed mail!

What are the common reasons neighbors block mailboxes unintentionally?

Most people aren’t trying to mess with your mail on purpose. There are some innocent reasons your neighbor might block your mailbox without realizing it:

  • Parking too close – Streets can get cramped, so a neighbor might park right in front of or close to your mailbox without thinking.
  • Overgrown plantsBushes and trees can quickly grow to block access. Neighbors might not realize it’s become an issue.
  • Home projects – Renovations or construction materials placed near the box during a project can cause a temporary blockade.
  • Moving – Moving trucks or stacks of boxes and furniture when a neighbor is moving in or out can accidentally block your box.
  • Garbage and recycling – Cans left on collection day right in front of the mailbox. An easy thing to forget.
  • Visitor parking – Guests visiting your neighbor may not know they shouldn’t park there.
  • Snow piles – After plowing, mounds of snow could end up restricting access.
  • Unawareness – Some people just don’t know the rules very well. Education can help!

The key is to address it politely with your neighbor before assuming bad intentions. Chances are they don’t realize it’s causing an issue with your mail delivery.

What is the USPS policy on mailbox blocking?

The USPS does not mess around when it comes to mailbox access. Here are the key things to know:

  • There’s a federal law prohibiting blocking mailboxes. It’s illegal, per the USPS.
  • Mail carriers are told not to deliver to blocked boxes. They’ll return the mail to the post office instead.
  • If there’s a repeat problem, the post office will contact the homeowner.
  • If the blocking continues, they can suspend your mail delivery entirely. Not good!
  • The USPS recommends a 45-inch clearance in front of the mailbox for easy access.
  • The area by the mailbox must be kept clear during normal delivery hours.
  • If blocked, carriers may leave a notice, suspend delivery, or issue fines.

The USPS policies are clear. Blocking equals no mail for you. That’s why it’s so important for neighbors to keep the mailbox area accessible. Let your neighbors know they could be preventing your mail delivery.

What to do if someone blocks your mailbox?

Okay, so what should you actually do if your mailbox gets blocked? Here are the steps I recommend:

  • STEP 1: Talk to your neighbor – Have a friendly chat and make a request to move their car or clear the obstruction.
  • STEP 2: Contact the post office – Your local post office may be able to assist by contacting your neighbor.
  • STEP 3: File a complaint with USPS – You can submit a complaint online or by mail for USPS to investigate.
  • STEP 4: Involve law enforcement – If it’s clearly intentional blocking or trespassing, your local police may be able to help.
  • STEP 5: Legal action – As a last resort, you may need to involve your city or take legal action if the issue persists.

The key is to be polite but firm in resolving the problem. Explain how the blocked mailbox prevents you from getting your mail in a timely way. Most neighbors will be cooperative once they understand the inconvenience it’s causing you.

Don’t let a blocked mailbox delay your mail

In this post, we’ve gone through what constitutes a blocked mailbox, related laws and postal policies, common reasons it happens, and steps you can take to get the issue resolved.

A blocked mailbox can be very frustrating when you’re expecting important mail or packages. Make sure to politely but firmly address any blocking issues with your neighbor. Explain how it impacts your mail delivery and request they move any obstructions.

If the problem persists, don’t hesitate to involve your local post office or law enforcement. Be sure to submit a complaint with the USPS to trigger an investigation. Take action to ensure reliable and timely delivery.

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