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Do One Story Houses Have Attics? Explained!

Architectural elements such as attics can be used to help categorize a building’s height, floor area, and type. 

Some houses are classified as being of a one story structure. 

What this signifies is that the house only has one floor on the ground and there is no other level above it. 

So, does that mean that attics do not apply to one story houses? Will attics be limited to two story and higher houses? One story houses are synonymous with attics in the sense that they are located between the ceiling and roof, and can be accessed by a ladder or staircase

But attics are sometimes categorized as secondary living or storage areas in a building. 

Therefore, in this article, we will be looking at the argument behind attics being classified as one story, and then discuss the aspects that would make an attic full or half story. 

How do I know if my house has an attic?

An attic is a space within a building’s roof or ceiling, intended for storing extra items. 

Usually, wood beams or cross-timbers are built into this area to provide structural support. 

A-shaped or V-shaped trusses or horizontal rafters may be used to span the open space under the roof but above the ceiling.

Height limitations may dictate that attic space be restricted to a few feet or may extend all the way to the roofline depending on the building style.

Do one story houses have attics?

Traditionally attics are found in one story houses

However, for an attic to be considered a full story, it needs to be at least 8 feet high. 

The roofline needs to be taller than the windows below it. 

Not all attics are the same height. 

Sometimes the dormer is built into the attic to create a gable roof. 

In this case, the attic will be considered half story. 

According to the needs of the builder, the height can be increased or decreased as necessary. 

Thus, there are many types of attics found in one story houses including half stories, lofts, mezzanines, hip or gable roofs and the traditional attic.

What is the difference between an attic and a loft?

In many cases, a loft could be considered synonymous to an attic, but the difference lies in their coverage area. 

An attic will generally cover the entire floor while a loft will only cover part of it

Essentially, a loft is smaller than an attic. 

So, a loft will leave one side open to overlook the rest of the room or house depending on the size. 

This roof space is therefore accessed through a ladder or hatch from the inside. 

A functional living accommodation could be created by combining the loft or attic with a living room or bedroom.

How important is an attic?

A well designed attic has many benefits to the home. 

As a way of creating more floor space, an attic can allow for the installation of a full second floor and other improvements such as ventilation and insulation

In addition, the attic makes it easier to rearrange living space and add new rooms

An attic can also be used for storage. 

In addition, it can be used as a place for storing bulky items and for gardening

With the help of a small crawl space, your attic can also be used as an additional bedroom in the house.


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