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Reinforce Double Entry Doors: 15 Safety Ideas

Forced entry into a home by burglars is a common reason for homeowners to invest in more secure doors.

As an added security measure, upgrading to a reinforced door not only has the potential to save lives, but also could potentially save thousands of dollars in property loss and damage. 

Although this means you will be investing in a more expensive door and hardware, it will be one that is much safer and will have a longer life span. 

There are several safety options for a double entry door that can meet your needs of protection, style, and quality:

  1. Heavy-duty deadbolt
  2. Sliding glass door lock
  3. Strike plate lock
  4. Steel security grille
  5. Rekey
  6. Video doorbells
  7. Padlocks
  8. Install stronger doors
  9. Long attachment screws for hinges
  10. Slide bolts for inactive doors
  11. Panic bar for fire exit door
  12. Horizontal door security bar
  13. Laminated security glass
  14. Polycarbonate glazing shields
  15. Door threshold

1. Heavy-duty deadbolt / electronic deadbolt

Traditional double doors have some weaknesses that make them less secure than you think. 

The doorknobs and locks that are used on these doors can be easily defeated; the door frame can be damaged, which will allow someone to push the door open; and these doors tend to sag over time, which means they are unable to keep intruders out.

A deadbolt enhancement to these doors is far more secure. 

The auto lock feature of electronic deadbolt locks for instance, provides added security by ensuring the door stays locked even if you forget to do so yourself.

2. Sliding glass door lock

Sliding patio doors are an easy entry point for intruders, so make sure to keep them locked. 

One of the best ways to do this is with a smart lock that unlocks your door with keyless entry through a keypad and a passcode, a smartphone app or key fob, so you never have to worry about digging around for your keys again. 

With no moving parts to break or rust, these locks are virtually impenetrable for unwelcome guests. 

Little one-touch buttons, added to the handle, lock and unlock the door with a touch of one’s finger.

3. Strike plate lock instead of standard door chain

Upgrading and strengthening the strike plate lock on your exterior door is an investment in safety, compared to the inconvenience of a door chain. 

Their similarity in function, however, makes it difficult to determine which one you need most. 

As a result, it’s very easy to overlook the stronger, better protection of the strike plate lock. 

Apart from helping keep the door shut, its durability and the advantage of not causing damage to the door makes it worth considering for use as a main device in the door’s security system.


Zebedee Nambaleo
Zebedee Nambaleo

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