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How to Remove Shower Drain Cover That Is Grouted in (5 Tips)

A grouted shower drain cover is one that has been sealed into the tiled floor or wall and cannot be removed by simply pulling it up. 

This is usually done with a silicone sealant and sometimes a thin layer of mortar, plaster or cement. 

But how can you take off a grouted drain cover? To remove a shower drain grate from tile, first use a screwdriver to gently tap the grout until it loosens up. Then use a utility knife, razor-sharp knife or a grout saw to cut through the grout. Finally, pull up the grate, and scrape off any bits of cement with a putty knife.

A shower drain cover usually comes with directions that will help determine how to install and uninstall. 

Once you have removed it, replace it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

This guide will help you remove the shower drain cover regardless of whether the grout is hardened or new.

Should shower drain be grouted in? Should shower drain be flush with tile?

Stability and consistency are the main advantages of grouting a shower drain cover. 

Maintaining the slope of the floor is also made easier with this type of cover. 

This is because the cover depends on a seal that is meant to be below the flow of water, which creates a flat surface on which water can predictably run down. 

Therefore, the shower drain should be flush with the tile to achieve the benefit of a flat surface. 

The other advantage of grouting a shower drain cover is that it helps preserve the uniform layout of the bathroom tiles and seamlessly integrate the shower drain into the surrounding tiles. 

Hence, grout as a waterproofing sealant is better than caulk for blending tiles with the shower design, maintain the right slope of the floor and preserve the balance of tile style and color.

How to remove shower drain cover that is grouted in

  • Gently tap grout with the handle of a screwdriver
  • Using a utility knife, cut around the grout and pull out the grating
  • With a screwdriver, carefully peel the edges and delve into the grout to remove it
  • Cut around the drain’s rim with a razor knife and pry it apart
  • Use a grout saw to cut around the drain cover’s perimeter


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