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Storing Grass Clippings in Garage: 2 Answers (Explained)

Oftentimes we are challenged with what to do with all the clippings our lawnmower produces. 

Instead of getting rid of them, know that you can store them and use them later on in place of mulch or fertilizer (depending on your needs). 

Are garages suitable for storing grass clippings? Grass clippings can be stored in a well ventilated garage, but they should be dried out first and then placed in an airtight container such as a plastic bag

If they get too wet they will rot and make a disgusting mess. 

Stick around and read about how to store grass clippings as a way to end up with a functional garden soil, free fertilizer, and natural weed-control.

What to do with grass clippings?

Excessive grass clippings in a lawn can lead to excess moisture and thatch formation in a lawn that can result in serious damage to lawns and gardens. 

That’s why many homeowners are storing them to use for filling beds, ground cover, mulch, or composting. 

Basically, there are two options for handling grass clippings:

  • composting
  • or get rid of them / dispose in a yard waste collection bin

For most homeowners, storing grass clippings in a bag is the best choice. 

However, if home storage space is limited, the alternative may be easier to deal with than storage in bags. 

Recycling organic material is environmentally friendly and saves money for lawn maintenance costs. 

As a valuable source of nutrients for good soil preparation and landscaping, mixing grass clippings into existing lawns can help nourish and rejuvenate a lawn. 

Less nitrogen fertilizer is needed to grow healthy plants when using compost as a soil amendment.

Can you store grass seed in the garage? How do you store grass clippings in your garage?

It is possible to store grass clippings in the garage, but it must be done correctly. 

The clippings must be dried out before storing them so that they do not create a bad smell or turn into a damp, thick, clumpy and moldy mess. 

Heat and humidity must be kept to a minimum. 

Avoiding moisture build-up is key to making sure that the grass clippings remain dry and usable for mulch. 

Even if your waste collection company permits grass clippings to be disposed of in the garbage bins, it is best that they do not sweat in your garage to the point that they become tacky, sticky or start to stink.

How do you store grass clippings in your garage?

  • bag the lawn cuttings
  • compress the bag to remove air
  • tie the bag tightly shut and flip it over
  • fold over the top of the bag, making sure that it is evenly distributed (arrange it so that it will not settle into bumps in the floor)
  • store the bagged grass clippings at a convenient spot in the garage, away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight

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