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What Is a Recycler Lawn Mower?

In the real estate community, I come across a number of terms that are used to describe the different types of landscaping equipment that are available to us, and the recycler lawn mower is one of them. 

In the landscaping world, we use recycler lawn mowers to cut both grass and leaves, and they come in a variety of designs, so you will want to make sure that you are familiar with them before you purchase one.

A recycler lawn mower is a type of riding lawn mower that uses a series of blades to cut grass, and uses a mulching blade to chop the grass into small pieces that return to the lawn to fertilize it.

For the environmentally conscious homeowner, a recycler lawn mower is a great option. 

Essentially, these mowers use a pulley system to recycle the grass clippings that are cut from your lawn. 

When you pull the mower backwards, the grass clippings will sit in a catcher, and when you pull the lawn mower forward, the clippings are dropped back onto the lawn. 

One of the great benefits of these machines is that they produce less noise and emit fewer emissions than a regular gas engine lawn mower.

Also known as zero-turn mowers, recycler lawn mowers are professional grade mowers that are equipped with a large deck and a steering wheel that allows the operator to rotate the mower 180 degrees.

This feature of the mower makes it possible to operate the mower with equal precision in both directions, so it’s possible to mow the lawn in half the time as a regular lawn mower.

The dual-direction feature can also be used for trimming around fence posts and trees.

Advantages of using a recycler lawn mower

Recycler lawn mowers have several advantages over their non-recycler counterparts. 

One of the biggest advantages I’ve observed is, recyclers are easier on your lawn than non-recyclers. This is because recyclers mulch the grass clippings into your lawn, which leaves the grass looking healthy and the air smelling fresh.

When the fine grass is blown uniformly into the turf, it decomposes quite rapidly providing essential nutrients to the lawn. 

This also means you don’t have to worry about the tiring task of raking the lawn anymore.

It becomes unnecessary to do so and the time that’s freed can be used to do even more work, cutting down on the duration it would take to mow the lawn compared to traditional non recycling lawn mowers.

I’ve also come across recycling mowers that do not require the use of gasoline or oil. They are electrically powered with rechargeable batteries.

In this case, the lawn mower recycler does not produce any harmful emissions and therefore is also environment friendly.

Last year, we operated a recycler lawn mower with a friend that was built with a safety switch to prevent accidents, which I think is a basic feature of any mower.

But in case you didn’t know, you’re covered in the event of an emergency.

How many recycler blades does a typical recycler lawn mower have?

From what I’ve seen, the average recycler lawn mower has about three recycler blades, but the number of recycler blades a recycler lawn mower has can vary greatly. 

Most lawn mowers have between three and nine blades, while some have less or more. 

The number of blades on a mower is important because it determines how finely your lawn will be cut, as well as how much mulch will be produced, and how well the grass will be mulched.

A typical recycler mower has 3 or 4 blades in total. 

These blades are all connected to a recycler blade bar, which is connected to the recycler mower’s motor. 

The blades are mounted in such a way that they rotate counter-clockwise, which is the way that you want them to, since when the blades rotate in this direction they cut the grass into small pieces that are easy to pick up.

How often is it recommended to change your recycler blades?

Safety is important when it comes to using a lawn mower, or any other power tool for that matter. 

This is especially true when it comes to the mower’s blades. 

Some people try to save money by not having the blades sharpened on a regular basis, but a dull blade can actually make the lawn mower more dangerous to use. 

That’s because a sharp blade cuts more cleanly than a dull one, and that means a sharper blade is also more likely to stay in place if it hits an object or another blade.

Vital signs that your blade has become too dull and needs to be replaced include:

  1. lawn looking scraggly
  2. signs of your grass dying
  3. lawn starting to turn brown
  4. mower is taking more time to mow your lawn
  5. having to mow your lawn more often

Lawn mower blades have to work hard during the summer months. 

As blades work hard to cut through all that gathered grass and leaves, they get dull and there is a tendency for them to get nicks and dents. 

Therefore, the life of your blades will depend on the frequency in which you use your mower, how often you sharpen its blades, and the weather conditions in your area.
Blades can begin to rust in as little as three months, but if you live in a wet climate, you may need to sharpen and replace your blades as often as once every two weeks.

How to maintain a recycler mower

Recycler mowers are a great option for anybody that wants to do their part to reduce the amount of waste in landfills. 

They’re also handy for people who have hills and other challenging terrain, since they can raise and lower the height of the blade, as well as tilt to the side to make turns. 

However, they can be tricky to get used to.

In my opinion, lawn mowers are one of the most under-appreciated tools in the suburban toolbox.

If maintained properly, they can last for years and provide years of service. 

However, I’ve seen modern mowers that feature recycler blades that are more complex than their predecessors. 

They require lubrication more frequently and, if not properly maintained, can fail more quickly.

Maintaining a recycler lawn mower is a snap if you know what you’re doing. 

Of course you’ll need to buy recycler oil, which most lawn mower stores can provide you with. 

The oil is used to lubricate the engine and keep it working smoothly. As time goes on, the oil will become used up and will need to be replaced.

When you get home, make sure that the wheels are locked in place, and then add the oil.

I highly recommend that you change the oil every season, but you can still get away with doing it every two seasons if you want to. This will help prevent the oil from breaking down and getting dirty.

Whether you’re getting started with a new recycler mower or you’ve already used your mower for a number of years, you can always find ways to improve your mower’s performance and prolong its life. 

For instance, the blades on a recycler mower should always be sharp, because dull blades lead to uneven cuts. 

However, you should never use a disc-gouging blade, as these can quickly damage the blades on a recycler mower.

The time to prepare your mower for winter storage is now. It’s best to prepare the mower in the fall, while the weather is still warm.

Perform a cleaning routine maintenance of each part to eliminate build up of rust during long storage durations.

Cleaning also removes grass clippings that accumulate on it.

All you need to do is wipe off the underside of the deck with a damp cloth once in a while, check the blades on occasion, and keep the engine and air filter clean to keep it running smoothly. 

Similarly, the storage room should be organized to reduce clutter in your home and just keep things nice, clean and tidy all around.

In a nutshell…

In order to retain the best performance possible from your recycler mower, you must learn how to give it proper care. 

To begin, you should clean your recycler mower after using it for the first time, and then perform the following maintenance tips once every season: 

(1) Check and replace worn parts, 

(2) clean the grass discharge area, 

(3) perform an oil change, 

(4) check for and repair any loose fasteners or damaged parts, and 

(5) sharpen or replace blades.

Zebedee Nambaleo
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