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What to Do With an Old Metal Gazebo Frame: Reuse, Decorate

Unused gazebos can pose a hazard in an urban environment because they’re usually made of metal and thus are very heavy.

Larger, heavier gazebos are especially dangerous in a high-wind area.

Repurpose your metal gazebo into a very useful garden fence or trellis. A metal gazebo frame can easily be turned into a multi-purpose shelter for your yard like a pergola or an arbor.

Yard structures are popular repurposing projects because, unlike old appliances or vehicles, you won’t have trouble finding another use for them.

Proposals to reuse old structures and existing buildings to reduce waste and increase sustainability have been gaining momentum.

Folding chairs, bicycles, and full-length mirrors are all examples of common items that have been turned into planters or unique garden concepts.

Your metal gazebo doesn’t have to stay in the garage collecting dust while you’re waiting for the weather to clear. 

An old gazebo with a little work will make an excellent addition to your patio, garden, or backyard.

In this blog post, we’ll go over a few ways to make the most out of your gazebo, whether you’re modifying it for your garden or simply decorating it for your backyard.

It is possible for metal gazebo to stay up all year

Wrought iron, cast aluminum, and steel are outdoor materials that can withstand most types of weather.

However, in some extreme cases, these metals may deteriorate.

A study conducted in Chile reveals that when steel is exposed to environmental atmospheric conditions, its tensile strength and ductility are seriously reduced within 36 months.

I recommend using gazebo kits to ensure that your structure stays strong for many years.

Outdoor shelters are often overlooked as a repurposing project because homeowners assume that they cannot stay up all year.

Metal gazebos should be able to withstand the elements because they’re made of outdoor-grade material.

However, if your gazebo is older than five years, it may be worth checking the frame to see if it’s deteriorated.

Soft-top gazebos are more prone to damage than hard-top gazebos.

As my grandfather says, “You can’t fight against the weather!”

Even just a shift in season can put some outdoor structures over the edge.

For example, winter may cause gazebos with fabric roofs to sag and accumulate snow – which can ultimately damage the structure.

Stormy weather can buffet the frame of your gazebo, pushing it off balance.

Plants, lawnmowers, and other yard equipment can all cause accidental damage to your outdoor metal structure.

What to do with an old metal gazebo frame

Brutal winters and destructive storms can be a challenge on homes and gardens.

Fortunately, a gazebo can help keep outdoor living spaces intact throughout the year.

A metal gazebo is a great way to add some extra charm to your backyard.

Nestled among trees, flowers, and the smell of BBQ, a metal gazebo is an ideal spot to enjoy some time outdoors.

Buying a new gazebo is expensive, but what happens to the old metal frame?

If you have an old metal gazebo lying around or inherited one from a family member, you may be wondering what to do with it.

Ideas for reusing an old metal gazebo frame include:

  • Create a garden fence – By placing four frames on opposite sides of a garden, you can create an appealing visual barrier.
  • A sturdy new addition to your garden trellis – A metal frame can be perfect for plants and flowers, adding a rustic and natural feel to the garden.
  • Provide additional support for arbor or pergola – A metal frame can be used as a base or framework for an attractive arbor or pergola.
  • As the centerpiece of your fire pit – A metal frame surrounding your fire pit can create an inviting space for guests to warm up.
  • Provide more seating around the pool – Metal frames can be used as a sturdy and attractive base for deck chairs around the pool.

How to pull down a metal frame gazebo

A metal gazebo needs to be dismantled before it can be repurposed.

While this may seem like a daunting task, it’s actually pretty simple!

Before you dismantle your gazebo, I’d advise you to remove all plants, ornaments, and other decorations under the shelter.

Taking apart an outdoor shelter like this may seem like a massive job, but it’s not.

You should definitely plan on having help when dismantling your gazebo because this is one outdoor project that probably shouldn’t be done alone.

To minimize the risk of injury and damage to your gazebo sections, each piece should be handled with care and calmly removed from the structure, instead of ripping it down quickly.

Laying out all the frame pieces in order will help you to see how they should be disassembled and then assembled again later on.

I recommend taking your gazebo down during a time when you have the space to work.

You can commence your project by taking apart the roof first, then the support beams, then the rails or posts, and finally removing the flooring.

All gazebo sections can be stored for future use, whether you decide to re-purpose the frame or not.

Spruce up an old gazebo

Walking into an old gazebo usually conjures up images of a hot and stuffy old structure with broken furniture and dead plants.

A curious moment of inspiration can turn this space into a cool and comfortable retreat.

In fact, it can be transformed into a stylish living area that everyone in the neighborhood would envy.

The exterior of the gazebo should be well lit with hanging lamps or string lights, keeping in mind to place them far enough from the ceiling to not create shadows on the floor.

Much like a tent, it’s important to make sure the structure is well anchored to the ground so it doesn’t move and can handle high winds.

The inside is decorated exactly like you might decorate a bedroom with flowing curtains to divide space, a comfortable bed or couch to cuddle on together, and lights to set the mood.

Paper lanterns with candles inside are popular choices for lighting, and the candles can even be left with a flameless option to eliminate fire risk.

Throw in some pillows for decoration and extra seating and you’ll always have a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the company of those you love.

Furnishings should be minimal.

A coffee table is non-essential but a nice touch of decoration and a place to set down drinks and snacks.

Likewise, a fire pit outside the gazebo is a fun addition, but not necessary.

If you’re stuck on how to get started, find inspiration in trendy outdoor spaces and decorate from there.

Once you have a good idea of what style you want, check out the various home improvement stores for affordable decor and furniture.

If money is an issue, try garage sales and second-hand stores for cheap decor.

The possibilities are endless!

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