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Where to Store Cleaning Supplies in A Small Apartment

Keeping a small apartment clean can be a satisfying thing to do. When your living space is spotless and tasteful, you get peace of mind and can have better mental focus on other activities around the house.

Oftentimes, tidying requires acquiring a new set of cleaning supplies. You therefore need to consider maximizing the little space you have to keep everything organized. Next, we are going to cover the following smart solutions to limited storage space dilemmas:

  • Buy multipurpose pack
  • Roll multiple layer cart
  • Store under your bed
  • Buy a bathroom caddy
  • Install shelf risers
  • Suspend with tension rods
  • Make use of plastic shoe holder
  • Ditch cleaning supplies
  • Try pegboard

Cleaning supplies organization ideas for small apartments

1. Buy multipurpose pack

First, we’d like to consider buying products and tools that have more than one usage to increase storage efficiency. 

You want to make sure cleaning tools and supplies you buy don’t do the same thing. 

It doesn’t make sense to house different solutions that serve you almost the same way. 

Try to find products and tools that can do most cleaning actions, so you have fewer storage worries.

If you have a mop and a broom, substitute them with a flat head mop. Flat head mops can be used wet or dry to sweep away dust as well as swab the floor with water.

flat head mop - realestate ke

A free standing mop and closet is ideal to put heavy duty cleaning supplies out of sight, in the kitchen or bathroom. 

An alternative to store a flat head mob would be the area between the fridge and the wall.

Likewise, scrub brushes and small vacuums can handle a variety of cleaning tasks. So, you want to consider them first over single-purpose ones.

Another pro tip is to have multipurpose furniture. 

The advantage is you have extra floor space to put to other uses like storage and so on. 

Bunk or loft beds, folding tables can be used for this purpose.

2. Roll multiple layer cart

multiple layer rolling cart - realestate ke

Rolling carts are a superb technique to use in place of cleaning cupboards.

With multiple layers, you can store supplies in any system you like – by type or product or by each room you have in your apartment. 

Does Killing Centipede Attract More?
Does Killing Centipede Attract More?

That’s not all.

In case guests pop in, you can simply move them out of the way to a more convenient site without causing any distructions to movement.

Also, while cleaning rooms, you can simply roll the cart around and use specific products that you wish, without having to walk back and forth to get each item.

Now, if it’s not possible to store a cart in your apartment, you can utilize buckets or baskets

Each time you invest into transforming the buckets, the stylish and disguised they become.

3. Store under your bed or furniture

bed riser - realestate ke

The areas under your bed and furniture provide additional pockets of space.

You need to utilize them if you haven’t!

Just use a set of bed risers to keep the bed elevated high enough to stash soap or detergent buckets and labelled containers.

The same idea can apply to couches that have some room underneath them. 

Sofas that can rest on risers are better, since you can slide storage racks and keep them hidden.

4. Buy a bathroom caddy and over-the-toilet shelves

bathroom caddy -

If you consider your dwelling really tiny, it’s time to head over to the stores and get a cleaning caddy for yourself.

You can implement a caddy system underneath the sink or inside a closet and fill it with bottles of bathroom cleaner and other cleaning sprays.

Apart from large equipment like vacuum, broom and mop, any other item that does not find room in the caddy should be done away with.

Toilet space can be tiny.

But installing an over-the-toilet shelf storage system could be the solution you need to create precious space. 

You can fill this hang up storage with cleaning rags, duster, sponges or anything you might use.

5. Install shelf risers

As we have discussed, sometimes you just need to double the existing storage if conditions allow.

And by this I mean, making use of risers as with bed and couch risers in the previous section.

We can extend the same idea to shelves.

Try and see if you can create more room for your cleaning kit by having them on the kitchen counter and cabinet. 

You can also apply your skills and creativity by putting one on the window sill to create some extra space.

6. Suspend with tension rods

Who said we cannot tie tension rods in under-sink areas?

For most studio apartments and small home units, the kitchen sink has some decent amount of space underneath. 

This is a perfect area for organized storage.

Tension rods come in handy when you think of maximizing your square footage, instead of piling cleaners anyhow. 

Every inch of space you can spare counts, and so, tension rods are ideal for suspending cleaning towels, dishcloths and spray by their nozzle, thereby providing room for the mop bucket and recycling bin underneath.

Some apartment kitchen cabinets have a rotating tray called Lazy Susan. 

Traditionally, this round tray is used to store canned food.

However, in your case, the tray provides a great spot for stashing storage boxes for sponges and gloves.

7. Make use of plastic shoe holder

This one might surprise you, but your plastic over-the-door shoe holder is more useful than just hanging your handmade Italian boots or your gothic platform sandals. 

It can be used as a cleaning supplies storage system too!

Fit it on the back of a closet or bathroom door and your bottled supplies and tools will have a new found hanging slot.

Think of other items around you the same way, and let your creative juices flow.

You’ll be amazed at how fast ideas crop up in your head.

8. Try pegboard

Having an eye for fashionable things can lead us to fill our space with items that we adore.

It’s totally fine to have a collection of these objects that bring you joy if you’re not a minimalist.

A pegboard can be a cheap and stylish way of suspending cleaning supplies.  

Simply hang your products on the pegs and you’re sorted. 

For additional storage, you can attach baskets and buckets to the pegboard wall.

9. Toss cleaning supplies

In most households, a set of mugs, packs of magazines and piles of sock, become antiquated after some time and thus require decluttering.

Similarly, you will need to dejunk your cleaning kit.

If your tab cleaner has been unused for 2 years, it’s time to toss it.

A window cleaner with a broken nozzle belongs to the recycling bin. 

And if your toddler is sensitive to that old feather duster, please consider donating it.  

Cleaning chemicals have a “best before” date, after which they expire and become ineffective.

Any of these products that no longer work, don’t let them take up valuable storage space. 

Get rid of them!

Stock up essentials only.

Use your cleaner space wisely

We dream of an organized clean closet.

Nonetheless, finding the right dedicated place to keep everything in small spaces is far from reality.

With the majority of us living in small apartments, a creative storage solution is essential. 

Spring into action with the ideas shared here and your dish soap refill packets or carpet cleaner will surely find the right storage spot.