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Why Are Bathroom Sinks So Low?

Bathroom sinks have come a long way in terms of design and features. If you grew up in the 1970s or 1980s, you’ll remember the shelf style sinks that some bathrooms had. 

Nowadays, you can find sinks in a range of styles, including pedestal sinks, wall-mounted sinks, undermount sinks and more. Perhaps the most common type of sink you’ll find in bathrooms today is the pedestal sink and the undermount sinks. 

While these sinks have been popular for many years, some homeowners wonder why they are so low to the ground. The reason why bathroom sinks are so low is to make it easier for kids to access, as well as ensure that you don’t strain your arm so much when using the sink.

When it comes to home decor, that can be a problem: most people want their sinks to be the right height for washing their face and hands without straining, but they also want the sink to match the other cabinets in the room.

Standard bathroom sink sizes

Whether you are considering remodeling your bathroom or you are just trying to figure out what you need to replace a damaged or malfunctioning sink, you are probably wondering what size sink you will be working with. 

The size of your sink also comes into play when you are buying faucets, soap dispensers, soap dishes, and many other bathroom accessories.

The most common measurement of bathroom sink size is by “overall width”. 

The actual width of a sink, from the outside of one side to the other, is 19″. 

The plumbing on the back of the sink, from the wall to the drain, should be no less than 30″ from the side walls of the sink. 

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Besides the overall width, the depth of the sink is also important. 

The most common depth is between 5″ and 8″

The depth of the sink will determine the overall size of the bathroom vanity.

For the height, a bathroom sink can be as high as 29” to 36” above the floor.

The real reason bathrooms have sinks that are so low

As anyone who has ever teleported into a bathroom by accident can tell you, sinks don’t really have to be that low. 

If you’ve ever tried to use a hand dryer in a public bathroom without having to bend down to the floor, you’re living proof of that. 

So why did we end up with sinks that are so low? 

Turns out, it’s for a few reasons.

  1. Easier access for kids
  1. Easier on the arm posture

1. Easier access for kids

If you have a child that is toilet training, or you simply want to make it easier for your kids to wash their hands, a low sink can do the trick.

Half of a child’s early education comes from his home, and a large part of that is the bathroom. 

When designing your bathroom, it’s important to think of your child’s future needs. 

The bathroom is where you give your child his first lessons in grooming and hygiene. 

It’s where you give him his first taste of independence. 

And it’s where he learns to respect the privacy of others. 

These lessons don’t come easy and neither should his bath. 

The first step in bathroom design is to make sure the sink is easy to reach.

2. Easier on the arm posture

The bathroom is not only a place to go for a relaxing bath but also a place where you can wash your hands or face and brush your teeth. 

This means that when you are brushing your teeth, washing your face or hands, or even going to the toilet, you will be moving your arms up and down. 

High sinks are actually hard on your arms if you use them everyday.

They can hurt your arm if you do it over a long period of time.

For this reason, it is important that you have a sink with a low height in the bathroom.

A low sink might be the answer if you have a bad back, or you just don’t like high sinks.

This can help ensure your hand or face washing session is as effective as possible.

Other things to consider when buying a sink apart from the size

A bathroom sink is a must-have basic bathroom fixture that every home needs. 

Buying a new bathroom sink is easier than it seems. 

It is not about picking the most beautiful model on the market, but it is also not as complicated as you would think. 

You will quickly notice that there are many options available on the market: some are more expensive and some others are cheaper than you can imagine. 

The majority of people will just go for the most expensive or the cheapest option they can find.

Here’s what you should consider when buying a bathroom sink.

  1. The material
  1. How it’ll be installed
  1. Cabinets
  1. Single or double bowl

1. Material 

You might not consider your bathroom sink as an important product in your home, but if you take a closer look, you will see that it is a key piece in our daily lives. 

When looking to buy a new bathroom sink, it’s essential to consider the material of the sink. 

The material you select will determine how long your sink lasts, resist the growth of mold and mildew. 

Buying a new bathroom sink is a relatively simple process, but there are some things you should consider before you pick out the sink that will be the centerpiece of your bathroom for years to come. 

While you’re browsing the aisles in your local home improvement store, you’ll notice that there are sinks of all shapes, sizes and materials. 

Some are made of ceramic, porcelain, others of fiberglass and still others are made of stainless steel. 

You should think about whether you want a sink that is easy to clean and maintain or one that will last for years to come.

2. Installation

The kitchen and bathroom are the two places in the house where the sink is the most noticeable. 

This makes it very important to have well built sinks that make a good impression.

When it comes to installing bathroom sinks, a lot of people think the only thing they need to worry about is how the sink looks and how it will fit in with the rest of their bathroom design. 

However, you should also consider how the sink will be installed.

While top mount sinks are still the most economical choice if you are remodeling a bathroom on a budget, there are other options you should consider to make your bathroom more modern and sustainable. 

Two such options are undermount sinks and drop-in sinks. 

While both are sinks, their installation methods are different. 

Undermount sinks sit under the counter without a substrate whereas drop-in sinks have a substrate. 

3. Cabinets

Cabinet space under bathroom sinks is the perfect place for storage considering most of them are already at a comfortable height. 

This area can be used for storing cleaning supplies, toiletries, bathroom linens, and even medicine. 

When installing a new bathroom sink, you should consider how high your underneath sink cabinets will go.

Are your cabinets too low to comfortably wash your entire face? 

Do you have to contort your body in a weird way to use your bathroom sink? 

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you might want to consider adjusting your cabinets when installing a new bathroom sink.

4. Single or double bowl

Some people choose single bowl sinks, and some choose double bowl sinks. 

What are the pros and cons of each type of sink, and which one is best for your needs? 

The answer is really up to you, but there are some things you should consider. 

Double bowl sinks give you the option to wash something in the other bowl while rinsing something else.

But single bowl sinks usually have more space for larger items.

The single bowl sink allows for almost twice as much counter space as a double bowl sink. 

This makes it easy to apply makeup or shave during your morning routine, or to place items on the counter-top while you brush your teeth, without accidentally blocking the drain.


Bathroom sinks are your first line of defense against the unexpected. 

If you find yourself covered in food or paint or some other unsavory substance, you won’t have to worry about cleaning yourself up in the bathroom, because sinks are there for that—but what are they for? 

Well, that’s a bit of a point of contention. 

Some believe that sinks are there to provide a place to wash your hands, while others believe that they exist for water conservation purposes. 

Still others believe that they are there to provide a place for people who brush their teeth to spit their toothpaste into. 

No matter the reason, sinks are an essential part of any modern bathroom.

And the lower they can be, the easier your kids and yourself can use without suffering a poor posture.

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