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Why Do Landscapers Wear Hoodies? 5 Reasons & Clothes to Avoid

Did you know that landscapers, while working outside in the harsh sun all day, will wear hoodies to protect their skin? 

They found out long ago that by wearing a simple sweater, sweatshirt or a hoodie, they can minimize any damage from the sun, the rain, the cold, debris and dirt. 

Sunburns are no fun and it’s not just those who work outdoors who need to worry about them – many people go about their days without realizing how much time they spend unprotected in the sun. 

Nowadays there are plenty of great options for sunscreen protection whether you’re at home or on your way to work so there is really no excuse not to use it! 

Whether you have kids or pets running around outside with you all day long, protecting yourself against the harmful rays isn’t something that should be overlooked.

So, here are a couple of things to ponder on in case you still have second thoughts on protecting yourself and what not to wear in case a hoodie is not an option for you.

Reasons why landscapers wear hoodies

A necessity in case it rains

With the weather getting nicer, landscapers are out and about doing their work more often than before. 

However, sometimes it rains or other bad weather conditions make them feel uncomfortable or even unsafe working outside in those environments.

With the right construction equipment, rain doesn’t have to deter them from getting their work done.

That’s why many wear hoodies for protection from those elements as well as regulating their body temperature – because of how versatile it is! 

They can keep on working without worrying about being wet and uncomfortable.

It also simplifies things by not having to continually worry about carrying around an umbrella all day long, which makes things easier on themselves. 

But also frees up space in backpacks and purses when going into places like grocery stores, where you can only take one bag with you.

Provides protection from the sun 

Landscape work is an essential part of any property and one that many people enjoy, but spending hours every day in the hot sun can be dangerous for those who are not prepared.

Think of the sun as a light bulb. 

The rays from this light source need to be spread out in order for it to shine brightly and provide enough illumination to keep people safe. 

If you block that, then the entire area will become dark. 

This is what happens when landscapers wear hoodies; they are blocking some of those harmful UV rays so their skin can remain healthier. 

Not only do these clothes protect them on sunny days but also during winter time or when there’s overcast outside, because no matter where the sun might be shining, its damaging ultraviolet radiation always exists!

Provide warmth if nighttime temperatures drop

I have seen many landscapers wearing hoodies in the summertime, because it is a very practical way to provide warmth when nighttime temperatures drop.  

I also noticed that they are not just for style and fashion; there really is no other garment that can be as functional at keeping you warm on those chilly nights than an all-purpose zip up hoodie.

Hoodies come with two main types of features: fleece lined or water resistant material. 

The fleece lining provides extra insulation and heat retention properties which make them especially useful during winter months; while water resistance ensures your outer garments will stay dry if caught out by rain showers – perfect for warmer days.

Fleece lined materials should always be worn over a t-shirt or button up to ensure the extra insulation will work as desired.

Protect their clothes from dirt, debris and other particles

Landscapers are one group of people known for wearing hoodies on a regular basis as they tend to spend hours outdoors maintaining lawns and gardens while also dealing with bug bites, mud splatters, branches that brush against them. 

Some landscapers have said that it’s not enough just using some sunscreen when they’re working out there all day

Many times they’re going back inside at lunchtime or taking breaks before heading out again so something like a heavy-duty shirt isn’t necessary because of how often you can wash your clothes during an average day. 

One landscaper told me that to protect their clothes from dirt, debris, they wear hoodies to cover our heads and necks so as not to get them dirty. 

Sometimes these unwanted materials can get into your clothes. 

A second landscaper also told me the exact same thing, “I like my neck covered in case I have a bug or something on me that’s getting into my shirt.”

Some people may also think wearing a hoodie is just being lazy.

But for those who work outside all day with no shade it’s actually practical if you want to keep up appearances since they don’t want their clients thinking they’re slacking off when really they might be sweating profusely from the heat. 

Plus having a bit of protection when in the backyard never hurt anyone either!

Conceal long hair 

Landscapers wear hoodies to conceal their long hair. 

When they are at work, it’s not uncommon for them to encounter bushes and other places where one would rather have shorter hair – or none of it – on display. 

Long hairstyles can come with a lot of problems when working in the great outdoors.

So, landscaping professionals often cover up those unwanted locks while they’re active outside by wearing a simple zip-up sweatshirt with an oversized hoodie.

This helps keep everything neatly back out of sight until there is time enough for it to be groomed later on.

What else do landscapers wear?


Landscapers can wear jeans where hoodies are not available. 

For starters, they are typically wearing the clothes underneath their work gear, so they might as well be comfortable and not need to change out when it is time to go home or take a break. 

They also tend to sweat more than people in other professions because of all the physical labor that goes into landscaping.

Even if you dress appropriately with layers, an outfit may get soaked through from perspiration at some point. 

Jeans help keep moisture close to your body where it will evaporate quickly rather than soak up on wet fabric like cotton or polyester blend materials do. 

A third reason why landscapers prefer denim over sweatshirts is because even though jeans have less insulation, they are still warmer than polyester because of the denim’s inherent ability to retain body heat and its durability.

So, you’re less likely to have a hole in your jeans from an errant weed pulling.

Cargo pants 

Ever wonder why landscapers wear cargo pants? 

It’s because they need pockets to store their tools. 

So, if there are no hoodies, and it is cold outside, the landscaper can still have a place to put his gloves or other things that he needs for work. 

That’s what makes them so great! 

Long sleeve shirts

Landscapers often wear long sleeve shirts in case there are no hoodies. 

Some people think that the landscaper is trying to be fashionable or different, but really it’s about being prepared for work and not wanting to get wet from sweat. 

As a result of the heavy use of their arms when they’re doing yardwork, they usually have quite a bit of sweating going on.

So, wearing a shirt with sleeves helps keep them covered from sun’s heat if they don’t have any protection from the weather. 

Longer sleeved shirts also help protect them against mosquitoes and wasps as well as other insects which might try to sting these workers while they’re outside working hard.

What NOT to wear as a Landscaper

It’s a shame that landscaping is a profession with so many stereotypes. 

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve heard, “Wow, you’re a landscaper? You must be really strong!” or “I bet it pays well to mow lawns all day.” 

The reality is that there are plenty of other aspects and skills required for this job.

Some people see us as just being out in the hot sun all day.

But we have to do more than just cut grass

It would be great if our uniforms were cooler looking instead of bright orange jumpsuits, but they serve their purpose. 

We need something with high visibility in case another driver doesn’t see us on the side of the road doing our work. 

And while some get caught in brush that’s too close to the ground as well as climbing up and down ladders, the truth is that wearing the wrong clothes for landscaping work can be a big mistake. 

It’s not just about looking professional, either. 

There are many safety hazards that come with this line of work, and wearing clothing that is too tight or short, or shoes that don’t provide adequate protection could lead to serious injuries.

Here are some of the most common things landscapers should never wear on the job:

  • Shorts, tank tops, flip-flops and skirts.  These items can be dangerous if you have to crawl or climb over rocks. Even walking through bush areas with these types of clothing may lead to scratches that could become infected later on.
  • Long, flowing dresses. These might look nice on a wedding day but can trip you up or get stuck in bushes that are too close to the ground.  There’s also the concern of hanging branches and vines from trees creating an erratic obstacle course for someone wearing loose clothing.
  • Gym clothes like yoga pants or sweatpants with no other type of protection.
  • Wet clothes that may be contaminated with fertilizers and pesticides.  Some people wear these for a long time until they’re dry, because the heat can make them uncomfortable to get on wet skin (it’s like putting cold underwear in place). But this is not recommended – it opens up an opportunity for bacteria growth or the risk of getting an infection.

Cover your skin for protection while outdoors!

Landscapers find themselves working outside at all hours of the day. 

So, it is important to dress appropriately. 

You should always wear long sleeves and pants in case you are working outdoors at all times of the year.

It also helps if your clothes can be concealed from dirt or bugs which may fly into them. 

If you don’t have any hoodies available for the moment then try wearing long sleeve shirts/cargo pants with closed-toe shoes instead. 

Avoid dressing inappropriately like shorts, tank tops, flip-flops, wet clothes, or gym clothes like yoga pants because they will not protect your skin as well as other clothing items would. 

You may also want to avoid skirts if they’re too long or flowing dresses since these pieces are more likely to get caught up in machinery like lawn mowers–and we wouldn’t want that!

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