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Why Is My Adjustable Bed Beeping?

Adjustable beds are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they offer a great alternative to traditional box springs. They have many advantages, including being adjustable, having the ability to align your body while you sleep, and even offering more support than a normal box spring. Although adjustable beds are far from new, in my opinion, they are becoming more popular as people realize their many advantages.

However, I find complaints online regarding some of the most popular and highest-rated adjustable beds on the market unexpectedly beeping, with the growing community of adjustable bed owners now wondering, “Why is my adjustable bed beeping?”

Your adjustable bed is beeping because either it has synchronized with the remote, or the sensor has set off an alarm to notify you of your complete sleep cycle.

I find adjustable beds being highly popular among the senior population, and with good reason. 

They provide users with the ability to raise their heads, knees, or feet, and can even help users with mobility issues. 

But, like most technologies, beds are not perfect. 

While the vast majority of adjustable beds work perfectly after they are set up, some will start to make a beeping noise after being in use.

In the following section, I discuss the possible causes for this.

Exactly why is adjustable bed beeping?

You go to adjust your bed, but it seems to be beeping. 

What does this mean? 

While it’s probably not a big issue, it is a signal that something is wrong or not. 

This could range from a minor glitch to a readjustment gone successful, but either way you should take the time to identify the cause and find a solution. 

The first thing you need to do is identify what the beeping is and where it is coming from. 

1. Synchronized remote with the adjustable bed base

If the beeping is coming from the control box, then it could mean you are about to pair the base with the remote

In this synchronization process, the beep sound also means the adjustable base has successfully been programmed to adopt the desired position, such as what you can achieve with “ZERO G” and “FLAT” presets.

2. Connection or damage issue

If it’s coming from the therapeutic mattress pad, it could mean there is a mechanical issue or physical damage to the bed.

Check for any loose connection at the control box and ensure the plug goes all the way in.

3. Sleep tracker or timer on

Many adjustable beds feature a mattress or base alarm that will alert you if your bed is off track. 

The alarm may make a beeping sound while you are trying to sleep. 

You may be wondering why your bed keeps beeping as you sleep. 

The beeping sound is to alert you to the fact that you should either go to bed or it’s time to wake up according to the tracker or timer you set with respect to your sleep cycle.

4. Other causes of adjustable bed beeps

As you may have noticed, there are a number of things that could cause your adjustable bed to beep

Other reasons could be that:

  1. the safety sensors have sensed a disturbance on the bed’s surface 
  1. there has been a power outage
  1. the adjustable bed has not been transported correctly

How to fix an adjustable bed that is beeping

The adjustable bed is typically more expensive than a typical mattress, but it is worth the cost because of its ability to provide a customized sleep experience. 

It is perfect for people who suffer from back, neck and joint pain, and also for those who are pregnant. 

Your adjustable bed is beeping because it is telling you that it is in distress. 

How do you fix an adjustable bed? 

Simply follow these instructions that your adjustable bed will be in a state of bliss again. 

  1. First, check to see if the adjustable bed is plugged in 
  2. Make sure the mattress is on the bed 
  3. If still not working, turn off the power to the adjustable bed for 1 hour and unplug to reset all electronic components
  4. Power down the adjustable bed before you do anything else, or you might risk damaging the control unit.
  5. Take the batteries out of the control panel
  6. Remove the screws on the cover panel
  7. Push down the release button
  8. Check the wiring to make sure it is secure 
  9. Make sure the wiring is connected to frame
  10. Check that the screws are not loose on the springs
  11. Put the batteries back in
  12. Check and see if the power supply is plugged in
  13. Turn on the machine 
  14. Re-set your bed by pressing the button on the side of your bed 
  15. Try to adjust the bed
  16. Make sure the alarm is set

If nothing is working, contact your manufacturer or the company that you bought your bed from.

How to reset adjustable bed without remote

Each of these adjustable beds comes with its own remote control or wall-switch. 

This control adjusts the positions of the bed in various ways.

It is one of the most frustrating things that can happen: you find yourself locked out of your own bedroom, unable to lay back and get a good night’s sleep. 

Or perhaps you need to get up in the night for a bathroom break, but find that you’re unable to do so. 

If your adjustable bed is remote-controlled, there’s always the risk that you’ll misplace your remote or it’ll be out of batteries when you need it most. 

Fortunately, there’s a way to reset your adjustable bed without the remote—no batteries necessary.

It is possible to manually lower or raise a section of an adjustable base 

If a power failure occurs, while the head lumbar or the foot decks are inclined and two 9-volt batteries are not readily available, you can manually lower each section of the base by following these steps. 

I’d recommend that you have at least two people to perform this operation in order to avoid injury to yourself or damage to the adjustable base. 

  1. To start unplug your unit
  1. With the base unplugged, turn it over on its side being careful not to use the legs to lift the unit as they could be bent or broken next 
  1. Locate the head foot or lumbar section that needs to be lowered
  1. Each section has an actuator that lifts and lowers the deck 
  1. The actuator is attached with a cotter pin on the end of the motor and with an allen wrench head bolt on the end attached to the lifting arm 
  1. Please be careful here, if you release the actuator while the base is still on its feet and not resting on its side, that section of the deck will drop down quickly 
  1. So, if you do this with a bed on its feet, make sure the deck section is supported 
  1. To lower a section of the base manually, you will need to detach the end of the actuator which is
  1. Attached to the metal lift arm 
  1. Begin by removing the bolt with an allen wrench and a regular wrench 
  1. Now, you can move the head lumbar or foot deck back towards the frame so the section is in its flat position and then return the bed to its normal position
  1. When power to the base has been restored, you will need to turn the base on its side again 
  1. Move the deck section back to the position it was in when the power went out and then reattach the lift arm to the actuator by aligning the hole in the actuator shaft with the deck fittings
  1. Aligning the lift arm with the actuator, insert the bolt shaft into the fitting and add the washer and nut on the other end to secure it 
  1. Now, you can use your remote device to bring the bed back to the flat position and then return the bed back to its feet and place the mattress back on the base

How do I sync my adjustable bed remote?

Adjustable beds have been around for a long time, but it’s only recently that they’ve started to really hit the mass market, especially in the United States. 

The current models have lots of new features—and a few that are still being perfected. 

One of those is the remote control; while it’s certainly less manual than the hand cranks of the past, it can still be a little difficult to get used to.  

Here’s how to set up and use the remote control on your adjustable bed.

  1. The first step in syncing your adjustable bed remote is to check that your remote is within range of the bed. 
  1. The next step is to check that the click on the remote and the bed are working properly. 
  1. If you notice that the adjustable bed remote is not responding properly you can attempt to fix this issue by rebooting the remote.
  1. After rebooting the remote you will need to check that the batteries are inserted in the remote correctly and that the remote is within range of the bed.
  1. Once the remote is within range, check your manual for the control box sync operation.
  1. Depending with the manufacturer, you may need to hold-press a set of two buttons alongside a blue button.
  1. A successful synchronization will be followed by a resounding beep from your control box.

Get rid of the adjustable bed beeping sound!

If you use an adjustable bed, then you’ve probably heard it beep at you before. 

This is standard, as adjustable beds beep to alert you to important information, such as telling you that it’s time to get out of bed or that the remote has synchronized. 

But sometimes that beeping can be annoying; maybe the bed is beeping because you forgot to set the alarm, or maybe you’re lacking proper connection to the power outlet. 

If you’ve noticed an annoying beeping sound that seems to come from your adjustable bed, there’s a good chance that you need to adjust the bed’s controller and other things I’ve shared with you here. 

Depending on your model, you may want to consult with your manual if nothing is working to resolve the base beeping sound.

Alternatively, call your manufacturer for assistance.

Either way, it’s easy to adjust the bed’s settings by following the instructions I’ve covered here to change that beeping sound to something more pleasant.

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