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Will My Neighbors Smell Weed Smoke? 9 Tips to Be Considerate

Have you ever fired up a joint, taken a hit from your bong, or used your vape pen only to have your neighbor start banging on the walls five minutes later?

If you live in an apartment or share common walls with other units, chances are the smell of weed has wafted into neighboring spaces at some point.

Will your neighbors smell weed smoke? Yes, your neighbors will likely smell weed smoke due to its pungent and far-reaching scent. However, there are various considerate precautions you can take to prevent the cannabis smoke smell from bothering others around you as we’ll later see.

Because if you don’t do so, you risk being kicked out, depending on where you live.

Building RulesRisk of Eviction
No-smoking policyHigh risk
No smoke-free rulesLower risk, if violation is repeated
Complaint of smell aloneVery low risk
Risk of getting kicked out for weed smell in different building scenarios

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have my neighbors pissed at me over some skunky smoke. Even if you live in a state where weed is legal, the smell can still cause issues with those around you.

So how far does the smell of weed actually travel? And what can you do to be more considerate and prevent it from bothering your neighbors? Let’s dig into it…

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How far does weed smell travel outside?

I’m sure you’ve noticed that weed has a very strong and distinct aroma. Unlike a whiff of perfume or cologne, the smell of cannabis can linger in the air and travel quite far.

On cloudy days, studies have found that the pungent odor of marijuana can spread anywhere from 10 to 25 meters from where it originated. By “weed smoke” we mean the actual pungent aroma, not the smoke itself.

The physical smoke dissipates after only a few seconds and meters, but those smelly molecules and odor nuisance from the bud or plant can float much farther.

ConditionDistance Traveled
Cloudy day10-25 meters
Windy dayFarther than cloudy day
Clear, calm dayLess than cloudy day
How far weed smell travels outside under different conditions

There are a bunch of factors that affect the overall weed odor travel distance:

  • Wind conditions – Wind can really spread out the smell, while a lack of wind keeps it more contained.
  • Concentration of the odor – Higher grade bud with more pungent terpenes means more aromatic molecules floating around.
  • Environment – Outdoor areas allow the smell to dissipate more, while enclosed spaces concentrate it.
  • Humidity and temperature – Warmer and humid conditions allow scents to travel farther.
  • Type of cannabis – Sativas, hazes, and certain strains tend to be more odorous.
  • Duration of exposure – The longer you’re smoking/vaping, the more smell builds up and travels.

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Will my neighbors smell weed smoke?

Short answer – yup, most likely.

Cannabis has a really potent and recognizable smell. So if someone is sparking up next door, chances are you’ll notice that skunky aroma wafting into your place.

Proper airflow can reduce the weed smell dissipate time in your unit.

But don’t stress too much.

There are some things you can do to be courteous and prevent a potential smoke complaint from your neighbors:

  • Use a dry herb vaporizer. Vaping flower produces way less smell than smoking it.
  • Use sploofs or smoke buddies. These handy devices with activated carbon filters help neutralize some smoke smell.
  • Be strategic with your windows. Close any windows on the side of your place that are shared with your neighbor‘s unit. Then open windows on the other sides to air out the smoke.
  • Use odor-eliminating candles, sprays, or gels. Products with activated charcoal or carbon help absorb weed smells.
  • Talk to your landlord or property manager if the smell comes from another unit in your building. Check your lease too – many prohibit smoking.
  • Just be mindful in general. Do what you can to minimize the smell for others around you.

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What are some common health concerns associated with inhaling secondhand weed smoke?

I don’t want to be a total buzzkill here, but secondhand weed smoke can actually be pretty harmful to those around you. Here are some potential health issues it can cause:

  • Toxic and cancer-causing chemicalsSecondhand weed smoke contains many of the same nasty carcinogens as cigarette smoke. In some cases, even higher levels!
  • Transferring THC to little ones – Yes, babies and kids can absorb THC through secondhand smoke. This could impact their developing brains and bodies.
  • Hurting your lungs – Inhaling secondhand smoke can cause lung irritation, asthma attacks, and respiratory infections.
  • Harming your heart – Smoke may also increase risks for heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke.
  • Impaired lung function – Studies show secondhand weed smoke can temporarily weaken lung function, especially for folks with asthma or other conditions.

So if you’re smoking around others, you could be affecting their health too. Something to seriously keep in mind.

Can you get kicked out for weed smell?

Alright, you might be wondering if your landlord can actually give you the boot just for a little weed stench.

Well, even if cannabis is legal in your state, it’s still illegal federally. So yes, you could potentially get evicted for smoking weed based on federal law.

But in reality, whether or not you’ll get kicked to the curb depends on your building’s specific rules:

Building RulesRisk of Eviction
No-smoking policyHigh risk
No smoke-free rulesLower risk, if violation is repeated
Complaint of smell aloneVery low risk
How building rules affect your risk of eviction for weed odors
  • Bottom line – it’s very tough to get evicted for weed smell alone unless you’re being super obvious about it.

How can I be considerate of neighbors with the smell?

Alright, so you want to consume cannabis without angering folks around you. No worries, there are some easy ways to be more considerate:

  • Proper ventilation and air filters – This keeps the pot smoke smell contained in your unit.
  • Choose the right time – Smoke during evenings or weekends when people are less likely to notice.
  • Use odor eliminators – Candles, sprays, or gels help cover up lingering smells.
  • Seal your place – Weatherstrip doors and windows so the smoke can’t escape.
  • Try smokeless options – Vapes and edibles are much more discreet than smoking flower.
  • Pick a designated smoking spot – Choose an area farther from your neighbors if possible.
  • Communicate with neighbors – Let them know you’re being mindful and taking steps to minimize the impact.
  • Keep it low-key – Don’t hotbox your place with big groups – more people means more marijuana smoke smell.
  • Follow building policies – Be aware of smoking rules in your building and local laws.

Being courteous doesn’t have to be hard! Just take a few simple precautions.

Puff, puff, pass with care

Alright, folks, we’ve covered a lot of ground here. Let’s recap the key points:

  • Weed smell can travel pretty far, especially on cloudy days with no wind. Many factors affect how far it goes.
  • Your neighbors will likely notice the smell if you’re sparking up nearby.
  • Secondhand smoke can actually be unhealthy for those around you, so be aware.
  • You probably won’t get evicted for a whiff of weed, but check your building policies.
  • There are many thoughtful ways to keep your smoke from bothering your neighbors.
  • Follow proper smoking etiquette based on your specific situation. Get a feel for your neighbors’ tolerance level for weed smells too.

Being considerate benefits everyone – you, your neighbors, and even your landlord. So take the necessary precautions, and your apartment community will stay happy and harmonious.

Spark up responsibly and prevent any unwanted drama. Your neighbors will thank you!

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