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Do Hot Tubs Turn On Automatically? The Reasons, How and When

One of the most common water temperature questions I see people get frustrated about is whether hot tubs turn on automatically. 

We know that water temperature plays a large role in how comfortable you are when spending time in your hot tub, so it’s important to make sure you’re not left with cold water or jets. 

Fortunately, hot tubs have an automatic feature that helps them regulate how warm or hot the water should be, so that as you relax and unwind, your body soaks in the same amount of heat intensity.

There are many factors that go into this question and they vary depending on what type of hot tub you have – but today we’ll be focusing on automatic electric-heated hot tubs.

What is a hot tub?

The hot water tub is a water filled vessel that allows you to soak in the water at your desired temperature. 

Hot water baths are relaxing and do wonders for sore muscles, arthritis pains, skin ailments like eczema or psoriasis, as well as stress from work or school. 

The jets of air bubbles can also be switched on with buttons located around the edge of the tub. 

These small yet powerful currents help massage you while relieving tension by loosening knots and reducing the feeling of pain throughout your body.

In a hot water bath ıt can reduce heart rate and blood pressure levels which benefits those who suffer from hypertension (high blood pressure). 

It can also be used for temporary relief from chronic back pain due to its therapeutic water pressure.

How hot tubs operate

Your hot tub water temperature and jets’ control panel are two of the most important controls on your hot tub. 

When water is heated by the heater, it flows into a pump in the bottom of the spa. 

The water then goes through an air-operated solenoid valve that lets water out from under high pressure when someone pushes this button. 

This sends water at high velocity up to six feet above ground level where jets await its arrival before dispersing it throughout your spa. 

Your jet’s power dial also helps you regulate how much water comes out of each one so different types of massage can be provided for any preference or need.

The water temperature of a hot tub depends on the water’s source. 

For example, an electric heater will heat the water to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius), which is typical of hot tub water, and water that has been sitting in an outdoor pool for some time can also cool below this temperature.

The jets button controls how many streams of water will be shot at you from the water jets, and how hard they will be. 

In general, a jetted hot tub has between twelve to twenty different water jets.

The more powerful water jets are found in spas that offer hydrotherapy — meaning water therapy with added health benefits– such as massage chairs or whirlpool air bubbles.

Types of hot tubs 

Hot tubs are available in two broad categories: portable hot tubs or spas and custom, “in-ground” spas.

Portable hot tubs

A portable hot tub is just like the regular kind of hot tub, but instead of needing any permanent installation around water pipes, you fill up the container with water and attach water jets that are connected to it. 

Then you can move the hot tub anywhere around your yard for a nice relaxing day out.

Most portable hot tubs have water temperature settings between 85 and 105 degrees Fahrenheit so there’s no need for any other equipment. 

Plus, if the water gets too dirty from sitting around for a while, you don’t have to worry about emptying it because you can just move it to a new location. 

These are also great because they’re perfect for those of us with limited space. 

They don’t take up much room, so if you live in an apartment or have little outdoor space, these kinds of hot tubs might be perfect for your needs.

Custom hot tubs

A custom or in-ground hot tub is a custom built pool for relaxation and recreation. 

Custom pools are often created to suit the individual requirements of the people who use it, so they need not worry about being stuck with something that doesn’t fit their needs. 

They are created for people who like to swim in their pool, and they need a place where they will not drown but instead float peacefully at any depth of the custom pool.

The custom spa can be built by an expert builder chosen from many builders in the custom spa builders directory, and they will give you a custom quote for your custom pool.

What are automatic hot tubs?

Automatic hot tubs set the water temperature and pump circulation to keep your spa at just the right level all day long. 

These spas can be set for a certain time or they will run until you turn them off. 

Controls on the control panel allow you to set which features work, how long it takes before other levels of heating come in automatically, what lights should stay lit inside and outside of the spa area. 

There is also an emergency button that shuts down anything with one press so if there is an issue like if someone falls into the outdoor spa or something electrical malfunctions, everything stops quickly without causing more harm than necessary.

Why do hot tubs turn on by themselves?

As you may have noticed by now, automatic hot tubs operate by way of timers.

Automatic timers work by starting/stopping a function when necessary so you don’t have to bother with turning on/off depending on the given condition.

They take into account the temperature, sensing when it falls below a certain level and starting heating.

Therefore, when a hot tub is in automatic mode, the timer will start or stop heating when it is necessary, so you don’t have to worry about turning your place on and off according to temperature. 

Sensors can tell whether it’s too cold or too hot, start/stop the current flow and heating elements will make sure that your water is heated to the temperature you desire.

Can I stop my hot tub from turning on automatically?

Yes, you can!

Heaters have a timer that turns them off and then back on every after a short while. 

Depending on how often someone uses their hot tub, it can turn itself off after only one use. 

The reason for this is to save energy. 

Apart from the simple fact of maintaining temperature, most people don’t need to use their hot tubs more than once a day.

One way to fix this is by turning off the timer so that it doesn’t operate automatically. 

To do this, you’ll need to switch off the main supply, drain your hot tub and take out the filter cartridge, then unplug the heater and the circulation pump. 

After that, you may turn off the breaker for it so you can work on your hot tub later if necessary.

Turning off the timer means that when people want a bath they have to come out of their homes and manually turn them back on again by pressing the jets button or turning on power to the hot tub.

Some people find that when they turn off their timer, it reduces how often they use their hot tub because of the inconvenience factor. 

Others enjoy being able to come home and have a relaxing bath right away without having to go outside or in front of other people on vacation homes nearby where everyone knows what you are doing!

All in all, turning your hot tub off is a great way to save money on your electric bill.

Make your life easier with automatic hot tubs! 

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to relax and unwind, hot tubs are the perfect solution. 

Hot water vessels come in two broad categories: portable or “in-ground” spas. 

Portable ones can be moved around your property if needed but they don’t offer any of the luxury features like jets that more expensive models have, while in-ground hot tubs are custom built and permanent. 

The most common type is an automatic spa with control panels on the outside so no one will accidentally turn it off while bathing inside (although this does happen). 

Either way, all types of hot tubs need some sort of constant heat source as well as circulation methods to keep them at just the right temperature throughout their use – which means either electricity or natural gas power sources.

I’m sure you know by now you know you can manually stop a hot tub from turning on automatically by turning off the designated jet. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed our discussion on the hot tub. 


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