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Is landlord responsible for leaking toilet realestateke

By Zebedee

Is Landlord Responsible for Leaking Toilet

Every committed landlord strives to keep their property marketable while maintaining it’s safety and habitability for tenants. Determining who’s responsible for plumbing and toilet repairs continues to be a bone of contention between the landlord and renters. During tenancy, each party has a role to play. It‘s the landlord’s duty to provide all sanitation facilities

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Where to store cleaning supplies in a small apartment realestate ke

By Zebedee

Where to Store Cleaning Supplies in A Small Apartment

Keeping a small apartment clean can be a satisfying thing to do. When your living space is spotless and tasteful, you get peace of mind and can have better mental focus on other activities around the house. Oftentimes, tidying requires acquiring a new set of cleaning supplies. You therefore need to consider maximizing the little

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Can a landlord charge for changing

By Zebedee

Can a Landlord Charge for Changing Locks

One reason why your tenants and their belongings stay secure is the locks you have on the exterior doors. From time to time, you’ll be required to change the locks. Studies show renters are at a higher risk of home burglary than homeowners.  Your rental agreement as well as the local law will guide you

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